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Waterproof Shutters

Vinyl Shutters, also known as Polyvinyl shutters, have risen in popularity in the UK over the past few years. Our Waterproof PVC shutters are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike. 

Originally, when first introduced to the UK, vinyl window shutters were seen as a niche product to be used just on windows that were in very humid rooms or in areas that have direct contact with water. As such, wooden shutters or MDF shutters could only withstand this moisture for a limited amount of time and could eventually develop defects such as warping and paint blowing.

So, polyvinyl shutters were seen as an ideal solution for a long-lasting shutter solution. Made from a material very similar to the uPVC that many replacement windows are made from, these vinyl (or Polyvinyl) shutters are tough, hard wearing and ideally suited to the vagaries of direct water contact, with the ability to last a lifetime. Take a look at our technical specification.


The Rise in Popularity of Vinyl Shutters

While concerns around being in direct contact with water have been a key concern here in the UK, the growth in popularity of high quality plastic shutters originates in the ‘home’ of plantation shutters – the USA.

40 years ago, when shutters started to become popular in the US as a window covering, wood was the primary material used to manufacture them. As manufacturing costs increased and imported shutters gained traction in the US marketplace, American shutter companies looked for alternative materials from which to make plantation shutters.

Extruded vinyl was used as a material to make plantation shutters that looked very similar to wood, but at a lower cost. Often, the uPVC shutter vinyl was extruded with a colour dye meaning they could offer 4 popular shades of white and not have to paint the plastic shutters when complete. We’d like to point out that this does not give the best finished product and it can look a little downmarket. All Shutter Store Polyvinyl shutters are painted and look near identical to their wood counterparts.

ABS Shutters versus Polyvinyl Shutters

ABS is a form of plastic from which some shutter manufacturers have started to make their product. ABS is quite a hard, brittle plastic but is waterproof and resilient to changes in temperature. So much so that this is the same material many plastic kettles are made from.

The downside is that with impact, ABS shutters can crack and even shatter if placed under pressure.

We sell a solid polyvinyl plantation shutter with an aluminium core. This core runs though all shutter slats and serves the purpose of stopping the slats from warping and, most importantly, ensures the shutter louvres are especially strong. Due to the lightweight, metal core, it is near on impossible to break a slat, making these vinyl plantation shutters ideal in homes with young kids.

Install our DIY vinyl shutters yourself


If you're looking for new shutters at a lower cost, then our DIY shutters are for you. You'll be able to save significant amounts on the costs when compared to full-service shutter installations. And don't you worry, it's not difficult to install our window shutters. We have a range of guides and helpful videos to guide you through the process, from start to finish. So you'll always have our expertise at hand.

Get advice about Vinyl Shutters

If you’re been quoted by another shutter company for vinyl uPVC shutters then we know you’ll find our prices cheaper. In fact, we’re on average 40% cheaper than the price other shutter companies sell their polyvinyl plantation shutters for when they install them for you.

Contact us if you’ve got any questions and we’ll be delighted to help.