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New To Shutters?

You’ve seen window shutters popping up in your neighbour’s houses, on TV, on Pinterest… They are the UK's fastest growing window coverage and if you're reading this you are in the right place because at The Shutter Store we specialise in shutters.   

You are also about to save yourself approximately 40% by measuring and fitting yourself versus paying a traditional shutter company to do it for you. Our DIY shutters are super easy to design, measure and fit and we've lots of helpful information on our website to ensure you can't go wrong. 

We also offer the option to add installation to your order. You still design, measure and order your shutters online (saving around 20% compared to other companies) but we'll visit your home to check your measurements and again to install your new shutters. 

This section of our site offers you some insight into shutters – and our types, our ranges and our services. 

Essential Shutters

Much more than an entry level shutter, our Essential range is a hybrid product manufactured from solid basswood with and aluminium-cored polyvinyl slat. This shutter is hardwearing and perfectly finished.

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Hardwood Shutters

Constructed from 100% Basswood, this smooth grained shutter is ideal for larger windows or doors, and is available in a range of paint colours and luxurious stains.

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Waterproof Shutters

The ideal covering for windows which get splashed with water or have high humidity, our waterproof shutters are made from polyvinyl and feature aluminium-cored slats which offer complete rigidity.

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Bay Window Shutters

As opposed to curtains which take up space, restrict light and gather dust, window shutters will turn your bay window into a spacious, clean, design statement.

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Bedroom Shutters

Bedrooms are a sanctuary, and shutters – designed to restrict noise, control light and retain heat – will help you create a relaxing and calm environment.

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