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DIY Window Shutters

DIY Wooden Shutters – an affordable option for wooden window shutter blinds that you can easily install yourself with the help our installation guides.

Shop now for a 10-year guarantee on your entire order.

DIY plantation shutters are super simple to measure and fit and, importantly, are much cheaper to buy versus companies that visit you in your home to sell them to you. Window shutters from The Shutter Store UK are made to measure to fit your specifications and personal design choices. 


Do I make my own window shutters if it’s DIY?

No! Your new wooden shutters are delivered to you completely manufactured and ready to install. They are super easy to install, made to measure and ready to fit.

What do I receive from The Shutter Store UK?

It depends upon how you’ve designed your plantation shutters when you placed your order. However, a typical set of shutters will arrive with

  • A frame to install into (or onto) the window

  • Shutter panels, which are installed inside this frame

We want to make clear that our DIY plantation shutters are provided with all the hardware you need. The hinges are attached to the frames and panels and our ‘drop pin’ hinge system makes installation easy.

Everything is pre-drilled, pre-mitred and completely ready to fit. This is not a DIY shutter kit that needs assembly. Open the window shutter boxes and you’re ready to go!

Why Choose DIY window shutters?White window shutter blinds

The reasons are numerous, but the key factor for choosing DIY wooden window shutters is price. Wooden plantation shutters can be expensive – the majority of companies who come to your home to measure your windows for shutters will charge upwards of £300m² for custom plantation shutters.

However, with our DIY shutter pricing, you are looking in the region of £160 - £200m² depending upon which range of shutters you choose.

There is no difference in terms of quality nor in the way the shutters are provided to you. They are made in the same way and supplied with hardware, holes drilled and everything ready to go. The price difference is simply down to the wooden shutter material you’ve selected.

While the price of the product is cheaper by buying DIY window shutters for self-fitting, there is no compromise on quality.

Are our DIY Shutters the same as other shutter installers?

We’ll let you into a little secret…. Yes. The DIY window shutters you buy on this site are sold for around 1/3 more by other companies you may come across online.

Use our window shutter guides and videos

When it comes to fitting your new window shutters, we're here to help through every step of the journey. We have a large variety of easy to follow guides for do it yourself shutters.

We spoke to Youtube sensations & DIY renovators The Restoration Couple about measuring and installing shutters. If you have any questions, why not check out this useful video detailing all aspects of their DIY shutter installation:


DIY shutter installation need not be scary. It’s genuinely very simple. However, if you’ve doubts or concerns, why not contact us to discuss? We sell thousands of sets of custom made shutters every year and our team of shutter experts can help answer any questions you may have.