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Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows are fantastic at creating a sense of space and maximising natural light. The Victorians and Edwardians made full use of them in their homes, and they continue to be a feature of many new build homes today.

Despite their visual appeal, bay windows can present a challenge when it comes to window treatments. Fortunately, we make it easy with our hassle-free, easy-install shutters, which are custom made to fit perfectly the dimensions of your window bay.

Bays come in many shapes and sizes, and we can manufacture our shutters to suit any specification. Whether you have a curved or a box bay, measuring up couldn’t be easier with our comprehensive step-by-step guide, which will ensure you get those all-important measurements absolutely spot-on.

Shop now for bay window shutters.

Why choose shutters for your bay window?

  • Easy to install – just follow the steps on our installation guide. According to Sarah Beeny our shutters can be fitted in under half an hour!

  • Kerb appeal – shutters improve the value of a property, particularly when placed somewhere highly visible like a street-facing bay window.

  • Options – as well as classic full height shutters, we also offer tier on tier shutters. These are a popular option for bay windows because they allow for privacy whilst still letting lots of light in.

We’ve got a selection of shutters for bay windows in our gallery – see how good they look installed.

When you’re ready to measure up, we have handy how-to guides for each window type. Once measurements are taken, you have all you need to head over to our online shop and choose your shutter style and material.  For any enquiries about our shutters and whether they’re right for your bay window, give our friendly team a call on 0800 0747 321.