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Installing Shutters

How do you install window shutters? DIY shutter blinds from The Shutter Store have been refined and improved over a number of years to make then simple and straightforward to self-install. They are supplied with pre-drilled fixing holes in the shutter frames to make drilling easier. We also supply all the hardware required for fitting the shutters and pre-attach the hinges and magnets on the shutter panels and the frames. 

Installing Shutters

We have worked to make the process of installing your window shutters as easy as possible for anybody to do – even if you have no previous DIY experience.

You will need just a few tools and items to help with the installation – a small hammer, a Phillips screwdriver, a drill, a spirit level and appropriate fixings for your window type.

The downloadable PDF guide on this page will give you step by step instructions for the installation. We recommend you read you read the guide in full before you begin to install your shutters. If you are unsure about what to do at any point, help is at hand from our customer care team – call 0800 0747 321.