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Express Shutters

We know you can’t wait to get your new plantation shutters installed. The anticipation, the build-up – it can all be a bit too much. Should you not want to wait for your plantation shutters to arrive by sea, then Express Shutters are the answer!

What are Express Shutters?

Put simply – Express Shutters are the exact same shutters, just delivered via our weekly train freight shipments, versus arriving via our sea containers. Shipping shutters by sea is the most cost-effective way to bring your customer made plantation shutters from our facility to your door. However, this process does take almost 3 months end-to-end. 

With our Express Delivery service, the lead time for shutters is reduced because they are sent to the UK via train, instead of sea. If you select the Express option, your custom made window shutters will be dispatched and with you approximately 3 weeks* quicker than Standard Sea Delivery.

We manufacture our plantation shutters at our exclusive facility in China. This is a state of the art facility conforming to required standards which manufactures several containers worth of shutters every week. 

Why Do You No Longer Offer Air Freight?

We have made the conscious decision to no longer use air freight as an speedier option due to the environmental impact. And while air freight can shave a week or two off our train freight times, it also involves lots of additional handling. By avoiding this option, goods are significantly less likely to be damaged.

How to Select Plantation Shutters With Fast Delivery

Selecting Express delivery is easy. Once you have added all of your shutters to your basket and proceeded to the checkout, you will be given a choice of Standard or Express delivery. Your delivery charge will be calculated depending on the size of your basket. You can fine further information on all our delivery options here

Looking for More Info About Shutters With Quick Delivery?

Give us a call or contact us today if you have any questions about delivery options for buying your shutters. We’re always happy to help.

*See our delivery information page for our current lead times and full delivery information.