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Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom windows can be tricky to dress. Privacy and ventilation are a must have, which is why we think plantation shutter blinds are the perfect choice for your bathroom, wet room or ensuite!

White shutter blinds in bathroom
Shutters are a popular solution for bathroom window dressing for many reasons:

  • They offer excellent privacy day and night

  • They’re easy to wipe down and keep clean

  • They dry quickly when subjected to condensation in the air (fabric window dressing can stay moist for longer and become damp)

  • They’re easy to measure and install yourself (we have easy to use guides)

  • They are affordable when you choose to self-install

So how do bathroom shutters work and what things should you consider when selecting shutters for this room?


What styles of bathroom shutters are available? 

The very first thing to consider when it comes to bathroom shutters is what level of privacy and light you are looking for. This will help you choose the correct shutter style for your needs. For bathrooms we like to suggest:

  • CafĂ© style shutters. These shutters cover the lower portion of your window, leaving the top clear which allows maximum light in your bathroom while retaining privacy at the bottom. They work beautifully on taller bathroom windows.

  • Full height shutters. These shutters are our most popular for bathrooms covering the entire window. Full height shutters provide both privacy and elegance to your bathroom. They work well on any height window, short or tall.

Window shutter styles in modern bathrooms

Can I actually put plantation shutters in my bathroom?

If you're asking the common question we get about whether plantation shutters are suitable for bathrooms, the answer is yes. You can put plantation shutters in your bathroom, because they are able to withstand the humidity and moisture, ensuring them to be a suitable window covering idea for bathrooms. Not only are our plantation shutters waterproof, they are really easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe them down with a cloth. The faux wood material won’t warp, rot or discolour unlike other materials, making them a long-lasting option for your bathroom. 
And if you're concerned about steamy bathrooms.. take a read below!

Which shutter material is best for steamy bathrooms?

All of our ranges (including Faux wood shutters and Hardwood) can be installed by customers in bathrooms, provided the room is well ventilated and the shutter is not directly exposed to water. If your window is in direct contact with water or if your bathroom is unventilated we advise customers to order our Faux wood shutters for their bathroom, wet room or kitchen. These waterproof shutters have the same appearance of wooden shutters but are made from vinyl which won’t warp or split when in contact with water. 

Are DIY bathroom shutters easy to measure and fit yourself?

Yes! Some customers are daunted by the prospect of measuring and installing windows for shutters, but in truth it’s very simple. All you need is a good quality steel tape measure, a spirit level, a print-out of your frame templates which we provide in our measuring guides, and a paper and pen. Even DIY novices can do it. Download our online measuring guide to get started or contact our team, sending in photos of your windows for help.


What will happen if my shutters get wet?

We advise ordering our Faux Wood plantation shutters if you're concerned your shutters may come into contact with water. Our waterproof faux wood shutters are made from a robust waterproof vinyl material. The finished shutters are painted in a beautiful high grade washable paint which makes the shutter indistinguishable from our other wooden shutter ranges, but will give 100% moisture protection. 


Can I fit waterproof shutters to a shower window?

Absolutely. Our Waterproof Faux Wood Shutters are made specifically for windows in regular contact with water. They are heavier than our wooden shutter ranges so a little trickier to fit, but the great thing about these shutters is that water can run over them all day long and they will not be negatively impacted. Our team are here to support you for measuring and installation. 


How will my bathroom shutters open?

There are no limitations to how you can design your bathroom window shutters to open and close. If you're worried you'll be unable to open your shutters because of taps, or tiles obstructing the panels, there is usually a workaround. We advise customers to really think about how they envisage using their bathroom shutters as this is important when designing your panel and slat configuration.

The most common use for shutters in the bathroom is to tilt the slats – either fully closing them in the evening for privacy or opening them at a slight angle during the day, ensuring privacy and light.

The Shutter Store’s configuration tool allows you to design your shutters how you want them online, specifying the quantity of panels you’d like, which way you'd like them to open, whether they bifold or swing, and whether you’d prefer slat movement to be split. Start configuring your bathroom shutters.


What if something is obstructing installation of a bathroom shutter?


More often than not tiles or dado rails that sit inside your window recess cause customers to fear they can’t fit shutters to their windows. Our team of shutter experts are well versed in advising customers on how they should fit their shutters with problems such as these. There is usually a way around for such obstructions. If you need help please email us photographs of your windows and we can assist you.



Need advice on your bathroom shutters?


There’s nothing better than a helping hand. While we can’t be there in your home, we can offer a plethora of design and measuring advice when you’re looking at ordering shutters for your bathroom windows. Send us a few photos via email. We’ll give you all the advice and support you need to ensure that your bathroom windows are dressed to impress with the best shutters around!

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