Bathroom Shutters

It can be quite a tricky problem, trying to decide which window treatment works best for bathroom windows.

Most UK homes have conservatively sized bathrooms. That means, very often, that the window is in close proximity to areas where there’s running water (e.g. a shower) and the potential for water to splash up against the window and the window treatment (be it curtains or blinds or bathroom window shutters).


As such, many British homeowners leave their windows bare, with no window treatment at all and instead rely on frosted or opaque glass to give privacy.

However, as anyone who has walked past a house at night and observed a bathroom with the light on knows, this is not an ideal solution!

So how do bathroom shutters work and what things should you consider?


Will My Shutters Get Wet?

Whilst our wooden shutters are installed by customers in bathrooms, we always advise people who have windows in direct contact with water to buy Waterproof Polyvinyl Shutters for their bathroom, wet room or kitchen.


These are made from a super robust waterproof vinyl material. The finished shutters are painted in a beautiful high grade washable paint which makes the shutter indistinguishable from their wooden shutter brethren.

The great thing about these shutters is that water can run over them all day long and they will not be negatively impacted.

We also offer the option of selecting our stainless-steel hinge for bathroom shutters. These are fully resilient to rust and will ensure that your shutters look just as good and function just as well as when they were installed.

What flexibility can shutters offer me in this room?

There are no limitations to how you design and configure your bathroom window shutters to function. We advise customers to really think about how they envisage using the shutters. Often, people will be in and out of a bathroom and therefore won’t swing open the shutter panels on a daily basis.


More commonly the approach will be to tilt the slats – perhaps closing them in the evening for privacy and then having them opened or at a slight angle in the daytime to ensure privacy.

As such, we like to suggest our customers think of wider shutter panels on the window (i.e. less panels versus more). That way, it helps make a window look a little less fussy and the bathroom bigger.

Send Us Photos of Your Bathroom Windows for Shutters Advice


There’s nothing better than a helping hand. While we can’t be there in your home, we can offer a plethora of design and measuring advice when you’re looking at ordering shutters for your bathroom windows.

Send us a few photos via email. We’ll give you all the advice and support you need to ensure that your bathroom windows are dressed to impress with the best shutters around!