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Kitchen Shutters

Dressing your kitchen windows can be tricky. Small Windows, sinks with taps in the way, cupboards either side of the window – all of these can present challenges when deciding whether blinds, curtains or indeed plantation shutter blinds are right for kitchen windows.


Kitchen Window Shutters = A Clean Solution

Cooking smells. That’s a key reason why few of us would choose curtains for a window in a kitchen. With fried food smells or other airborne cooking smells around, fabric curtains act like a sponge and are therefore not suitable to cover windows in kitchens.

Many people therefore opt for blinds. These can indeed be a good solution as they can be pulled up, out of the way, if you want to open the window completely to let the maximum amount of fresh air enter the kitchen.

However, a challenge with window blinds (either wood, aluminium or plastic) is that they have fabric cords which also absorb smells and make cleaning the blinds difficult.

As such, we have many customers who select custom made plantation shutters for their kitchen windows. Every order is bespoke, custom made to fit the window and the style of kitchen the customer has. Above all, shutters for kitchen windows are very practical, clean and easy to maintain.


Which Plantation Shutters are Best for Kitchens?

If ordering shutters for a kitchen window from us, all ranges we sell  (Natural Hardwood or Faux Wood/Waterproof) will work perfectly. The wood shutters are treated to ensure they remain stable in different temperatures – therefore, heat from a kitchen environment would not cause any issues.

However, most customers choose to order the Faux Wood/Waterproof range as it’s exceptionally durable and easy to keep clean. The Faux Wood/Waterproof range is light, durable and water-resistant. They never fade, crack or warp meaning they are the perfect fit for your kitchen and can be ordered in full height, tier on tier or a cafĂ© style. 

How Do You Want the Panels to Open on Kitchen Plantation Shutters?

This is something you need to give a little thought to. We always recommend that you design your shutters so the panels can be hinged to swing open. So – look out for any obstacles that may be in the way – taps, cupboards, kettles or toasters in close proximity to the window.

If you don’t choose the correct configuration, the panels could hit these items.

Cream bay window shutters in kitchen

We’re Here to Help You Design the Perfect Kitchen Window Shutters

We sell thousands of shutters every year and have a wealth of experience helping customers design the best shutters for kitchen windows.

Not sure what you want? Take a photo of you window and email it over to us for some friendly advice and instructions. We’re only too happy to help.