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Hardwood Shutters

When most of us think of plantation shutters, we picture them being made from real wood. Nothing quite extolls the virtues of an upmarket, desirable piece of furniture than when it’s made from a sustainable, natural piece of wood. Choose Natural Hardwood shutters if you are looking for something extra special. 

Shutters are no different. They are an investment and a real focal point of your home. That’s why a large number of customers choosing to work with The Shutter Store opt to buy wooden plantation shutters. Our hardwood shutters are made from a premium quality Paulownia

Natural Hardwood Shutters (Smooth Paulownia Wood Shutters)

Paulownia is a durable hardwood. It’s relatively lightweight but tough. It comes from a fast-growing tree which makes the grain of the wood very linear and straight. The other benefit is that from a sustainability point of view, owing to its fast-growing nature, replacement trees grow in a short space of time.

Natural hardwood shutters have quite a smooth grain. By that we mean that it does not have a deep ridged grain that you may find on a wood like oak or ash or elm. When painted it can be difficult to see the depth of grain through the paint. For this reason, customers wanting a more ‘wood grained’ effect tend to select a wood type like limewash.

Why Wood Shutters Are Preferrable To MDF

We prefer wooden shutters as they are much easier to tweak or adjust when you come to install them. MDF shutters are supplied with a special paint applied. If you need to make a slight alteration it’s very difficult to do so as you cannot plane or sand an MDF shutter, like you can with a hardwood shutter.

If you have any questions about which wooden shutters would be best for your home and d├ęcor, why not order a sample from us. We can send up to three samples of your choosing to help you select the grain and colour that best matches your style and taste.