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How much do window shutters cost?

Wooden plantation shutters are one of the most practical window dressings you can fit inside your home, but how much do wooden shutters really cost? It’s a common misconception that wooden shutters are expensive however if you choose to DIY your installation, you could be saving up to 40% in installation fees.

What is the average cost of shutters in the UK?

In general, the average cost of plantation shutters in the UK is anything from £180 - £300 per square metre. Opting for a full-service shutter installation which includes measure and installation by experts will cost £300+ per sqm. The cost to self-install shutters is from £180 per square metre, saving you up to 40% in fees when you choose to DIY.

Cost of window shutters

How much do bay window shutters cost?

The cost of bay window shutters will depend on the size of your bay window and the material you choose. An average sized box bay window that measures approximately 2 sqm will cost from £359 when you purchase self-install shutters. To calculate the cost of shutters for your bay window, multiply the overall width by the height to find out your square metre measurements, then multiply this by the cost of the shutter range you would like. This should give you an accurate estimate for the shutter price.

Bay window shutter cost examples:

2m2 = From £359
3m2 = From £538
4m2 = From £718

*Remember these costs are to self-install shutters with The Shutter Store. Add up to 40% extra if you want your bay window shutters to be measured and fitted by a full-service shutter installation provider.

Are shutters easy to measure and fit yourself?

Yes. We have easy to follow guides for measuring and installing shutters to just about any window or door on our website. Even the most inexperienced at DIY can measure and fit shutters, which dramatically reduces cost by up to 40%. Many customers tell us that when they shop for DIY shutters they can afford to install shutters to 2 large bay windows for the same price as 1, so it makes sense to explore the DIY route. If you get stuck, it’s easy to call our team of shutter experts for advice.


What are the benefits of installing shutters?

Aside from the beauty shutters bring to your windows, there are many benefits that justify the cost of shutters.

  • They are known to add value to UK homes. While shutters may feel like an investment at the time, they bring long-term value to your property, smartening the interior and exterior of homes, attracting potential buyers, and making your investment worth the shutter price.

  • They control light entering rooms. Shutters with slats are very effective for light control. Open them up to allow light to flood the room, tilt the slats for areas you want to partially light, and close them up to plunge the room into darkness.

  • They provide excellent privacy. Particularly practical for street-facing living rooms or overlooked bedrooms and bathrooms, shutters are the best window dressing for privacy while maximising light.

  • They are durable and long lasting. High-quality hardwood shutters that are fitted well won’t need replacing any time soon.

  • They offer soundproofing. Plantation shutters are made to measure to your window frame, offering another layer of soundproofing to your home.

  • They’re proven to help insulate homes. If you have draughty windows, shutters are a good option to reduce heat loss.

  • They are easy to keep clean. Simply dust your shutters with a feather duster or cloth, no faffing with curtains, blinds and dry cleaners.

What material do shutters come in?

Shutters come in a variety of materials which will vary in cost. Generally, there are materials to suit all budgets.

Price of window shutter materials

MDF shutters or ‘cheap shutters’
MDF shutters are the most affordable on the market. However, they aren’t the best quality and will dink and scratch easily as you install them and over time. We offer a hybrid shutter (see our Essential range below) at the same price as MDF shutters, but you’re getting a better quality, stronger hybrid product containing real hardwood for the shutter price.

Essential shutters - The same price as MDF shutters but a better quality product (from £179pm2)
Essential shutters are built from a mix of solid basswood, polyvinyl and aluminium, having the appearance and durability of wood, keeping the shutter costs down with the introduction of stronger slats. The frames are constructed from solid basswood, the slats are constructed from polyvinyl (resistant to damage) and an unbreakable aluminium core runs through each slat. Essential shutters are our best sellers. Take a look at our technical specification.


Hardwood shutters - Real wooden shutters with a smooth grain (from £200pm2)
Hardwood shutters are priced higher because they are built from 100% solid basswood, carved and sanded to a smooth grain. Customers tend to opt for Hardwood shutters when they’d like to opt for a wooden stain shutter that visually shows the grain, or when they want peace of mind that they can sand or plane their shutters on installation and they don’t mind paying more for the shutter costs. When painted, Hardwood shutters are visually no different to Essential shutters but they are stronger and higher quality than the more affordable shutter range.



Waterproof shutters - 100% waterproof shutters made from Polyvinyl (from £200pm2)
Waterproof shutters are made from polyvinyl, a material that is 100% impervious to water splashes. This makes them ideal for steamy bathrooms, kitchens or wetrooms as they will not warp or split over time.



What are the different styles of shutters and how much do they cost?

We can build shutters to almost any shape or spec window you can imagine, in a variety of different shutter styles depending on your needs. All of our shutter styles are priced depending on the material you choose (pm2), except special shaped shutters which have an additional charge.

  • Cafe-style shutters. From £179m2. These cover the window partially allowing privacy and light control at a lower level. They are more affordable since you will be ordering shutters to fit to a smaller area.

  • Full height shutters. From £179m2. These cover the window or door entirely, and slat control can be split with mid rails or a hidden split, to offer you additional light control options.

  • Tier-on-tier shutters. From £179m2. Typically these are used on bay windows. They are a tier of shutters at the bottom of the window, with a tier of shutters at the top, offering dual control/flexibility with light and privacy.

  • Solid shutters. From £179m2. These are shutters that have no slats. They are perfect for period properties, offering good light reduction when closed.

  • Special shaped shutters. We’ve made many circle shutters, triangle shutters and special shaped shutters in our time. They cost the same price as a standard shutter per metre squared (From £179m2), plus an additional £150 per window for the extra labour. Email or call us for a quote.

Examples of our customers' shutters and how much they cost to install

*Please note the prices below are an approximate representation and are reflective of the period the customer placed their order. For an exact quote for your windows and the style of shutter you would like, email us or enter your details to our online calculator.  

Box bay window shutter price quote
Full height shutter cost quote
Full house of shutters cost

Tier on tier shutter prices
Kitchen shutter prices



How much do shutters cost?

The best way to find out how much your shutters will cost is by entering your measurements into our online calculator. Alternatively, you can email photos and measurements of your windows to our team who can put a shutter price quote together and support you.

Are bay window shutters more expensive than standard window shutters?

In theory, it all depends on the measurements of your window. Shutters are priced by the metre squared not the style of window. Typically bay windows are large with a bigger area to cover, therefore costing more than a standard size window. Enter your measurements into our online calculator for a quote to find out how much your shutters for a bay window will be.

What is the most affordable shutter you offer?

Our Essential Shutters range, a hybrid product made from basswood, polyvinyl and aluminium core is the most affordable shutter range we offer and the strongest of our ranges. It’s our bestseller.

How much do bay window shutters cost?

It depends on the size of your bay window as shutter costs are calculated by the metre squared. Enter your measurements into our online calculator for a quick quote or email us for help.

Are coloured shutters more expensive?

We offer a range of paints and stains to choose from which do not cost extra. Order your free shutter samples from us today.