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French Window Shutters

Often mistaken for casements, French windows are traditionally long, narrow, and feature two inward or outward opening panels. Unlike casement windows, French Windows have no fixed post between their panels, giving you a wide and bright space when opened. They come in all sorts of sizes, but fortunately, so do our shutter blinds. At The Shutter Store, we always manufacture our shutters to the exact specifications of your windows.

French window shutters

Why Choose French Window Shutters?

There are plenty of reasons to choose shutters for your French windows, including:
  • Easy measuring and installation – our handy measuring and fitting guides keep things simple.
  • Increased kerb appeal – besides looking amazing, shutters will increase the value of your home, especially when placed in street facing windows.
  • Versatility – you can have your French windows with shutters at full height, café style, or tier on tier, meaning you can customize your shutters to your liking.
  • Privacy – French windows are often large spaces. Shutters help with light and privacy management in equal measure.


French Window Shutter Ideas

Because French windows are so large – and can often function as doors – finding the correct window dressing is important. You want something that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and won’t be a hazard. That is why shutters and French windows are such a great pairing. Apart from the panels folding back neatly when open, you can also opt for a three-sided frame. This means you won’t have a frame piece on the bottom, avoiding a trip hazard if the window also functions as a door.

French windows with shutters


What About Colours and Materials?

Whatever your needs, we have you covered. Our shutters are available in three different materials, so no matter your budget, there will be a shutter for you. We’re also offering you a choice of 13 paints, 11 stains, and 4 limewash finishes. Struggling to decide? No problem! Order some free samples today.


Need Advice? Send Us Some Photos Today

Our website has easy-to-follow measuring and installing guides to make things as easy as possible for you. However, if you need some extra assistance, we’re always here to help. Send an email to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk with some photos of your French windows and any questions you might have. We can’t wait to hear from you!