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Bedroom Shutters

Home is where the heart is but there’s something extra special about our bedrooms. It’s our own personal sanctuary – our place to retreat to at the end of the day and switch off.

Shutter blinds are the perfect window treatment to ensure a restful night’s sleep and make your bedroom look stunning. They are designed and manufactured specifically to fit your windows and – equally important – to compliment your style and décor.

There is plenty of opportunity for you to inject colour into your shutter design by choosing a colour from our Pure Hardwood range.

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Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Bedroom?

OK – they look fantastic. That is probably a key motivation in your desire to buy shutters for a bedroom window. However, aside from that, what are your key objectives?

If gaining privacy is your key concern, interior window shutters are a brilliant solution. The slats can be tilted at an angle to ensure privacy while allowing light to flow into the room. This makes shutters ideal for bedroom windows as light can enter but prying eyes can’t see in.

What about darkness levels? Do you need complete blackout? If yes, plantation shutters, while doing a good job of darkening the room, on their own, do not give a complete black out effect. Since the slats move, there is a couple of millimetres’ gap between the shutter slats and the solid part of the panel, to ensure they can tilt smoothly. This means that when the slats are closed and it’s light outside there is a small amount of light intrusion.

Grey solid bedroom shutter blinds

Blackout Shutters For Your Bedroom – Do They Exist?

The short answer is – no. If you are told that by a shutter company that their shutters, on their own, are 100% blackout – it is, quite simply, not true.

The reason as mentioned above is that shutter panels, by necessity, are made with a very small gap between the shutter blades and the solid part of the panel. This is needed to ensure that the louvres can move smoothly.

However – it is possible to fit a blackout roller blind discreetly behind the shutter panels and within the shutter frame. It can be pulled down at night to stop light filtering through the shutters in the early hours of the morning.

Some customers retain curtains with a blackout lining with their interior shutters, but this is most commonly the case when café shutters (on the bottom half of the window only) have been installed to give privacy.

White bedroom shutters

Need Bedroom Shutter Advice?

Remember – we have a team of true shutter experts on hand to help you. If you aren’t sure which design of plantation shutters is best for a bedroom then why not send a photo of your room and your windows to us and we can come back to you with design suggestions?

Take a look at photos of bedroom shutters installed in different homes in our gallery to help inspire you too!