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White wooden shutters

Shutters are a great way to control how much light enters your home, the levels of airflow, and to increase your privacy and safety. If you’re thinking of installing custom-fit white wooden shutters, here’s everything you need to know, including the benefits of wooden shutters, and what makes white shutters such a great option for a number of different styles of homes and windows alike.

Wooden white plantation shutters

Why should I buy white wooden shutters?

Your options will vary depending on which shutter material you opt-for, but white is always a good choice for nearly any home and any room. It’s neutral enough that your shutters will blend into the background if you want a more subdued aesthetic, for example if your room already has focal points that draw the eyes to them. In other configurations, a gorgeous pair of big white shutters can stand out and tie the whole room together.

White wooden shutters are great in the summer. Darker shutters will attract more heat from the sun, which makes it slightly harder to keep your home comfortable. With white shutters, you can open them to let fresh air in during the cooler evenings, and keep them closed during the day to block the direct sunlight from warming your home.

We pride ourselves on being able to recommend the ideal shutter configuration for any window, so don't hesitate to contact us for advice.


What are white wooden shutters made of?

Our white wooden shutters are available in a variety of materials. We offer Faux Wood/Waterproof Shutters made from a composite PVC and Natural Hardwood shutters made from Paulownia..

We use incredibly high quality hardware to construct every part that goes into our shutters, including our mounting hardware that makes it easy to install, and amazingly long-lasting.



Modern white bay window shutters in living room

What styles of home work best with white wooden shutters?

White shutters are the most versatile option, so they look great in just about any situation. It’s just a matter of fitting them to your room’s style.

Our white shutters are available in the following shades of white: Traffic white, signal white, pure white, cream, oyster white, and for something a little darker we have cream grey and grey white. We also have beach white and old white stains available for our hardwood shutters, and last but not least, there’s our lovely fern and white grained limewash finishes.

White café style shutters are great for a room that should get a lot of sun, while maintaining a degree of privacy at eye-level. They’re ideal for larger windows, where you can install these white shutters in the lower half, leaving the upper half exposed for plenty of natural light.

Between these numerous finishes and styles, there’s going to be a wooden white shutter that fits your home perfectly. If you aren’t sure exactly what to pick or where to start, why not browse our shutter galleries for inspiration? Or take advantage of our free sample service so you can see the crisp colours and quality of wood for yourselves.



Hardwood white plantation shutters

Are white shutters easy to install?

Our white shutter blinds are custom-cut to fit perfectly in your home. You’ll measure each window per our simple-to-follow instructions, we’ll manufacture your shutters, and then we’ll simply send them straight to your door. It's a lot easier than you think, especially using our extensive installation guides.



White wooden Shutter Advice

Don’t sit there scratching your head. Email us some photos of your windows and we’ll help you take the first step to transforming your home with our white wooden shutters.