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Are window shutters child friendly?

2:41PM 08 June 2021

A kid’s room should be their special place. They should feel comfortable, safe, and like they've had a hand in deciding how it  should look.

It’s important to keep younger kids safe and feeling like they have their own little area. Some types of window treatments aren’t ideal for children's rooms. So, where do shutters rate when it comes to being child friendly?




Benefits of Child Proof Shutters

The two key benefits of having shutters for a playroom or a bedroom for your child are noise reduction and privacy. If you are at all concerned about safety, shutters for windows are a perfect option. Here’s how our shutters help with both of these very important things!

Shutters for privacy:

The best shutters for privacy in a kid’s room are solid shutters. They’re also easier to maintain, and there are no moving slats. They block out the light from outside, which also means they increase privacy from any prying eyes, which is especially good if the bedroom faces the front street. Solid shutters make for excellent bedroom shutters.

Shutters for noise-reduction:

Solid shutters can also help to reduce any outside noises, which can help your kids get a better sleep at night. If you have noisy neighbours, if you live near a road, they’ll sleep better with shutters that can help block out some of the noise.




Colours for child proof shutters

Beyond keeping the room quieter and improving privacy, our child friendly window shutters are available in a range of calming, neutral colours. Why not opt for classic white wooden shutters. This timeless design will complement any room decor as your child grows and their tastes change.



Why Child Friendly Window Shutters Are Safer Than Blinds or Curtains

An issue with certain types of curtains or blinds that can be very concerning to parents is when they have a long cord that hangs down, as this can pose a safety risk to younger children. Even if you just have regular curtains, kids can pull on them, and get wrapped up in them, which can also pose as a hazard.

With safety shutters for windows, there’s nothing hanging down. They simply cover the windows with no drawstring, or cloth hanging down by the floor where a child can reach it.

When it comes to allergens, shutters also don’t harbour dust mites and they’re very easy to clean! Shutters are much more sanitary, especially for families where anyone has allergies.

Shutters for a Playroom

If your children are playing during the day,  shutters will allow you to let a lot of light in through the windows, but also to close them up if it’s too sunny outside.
And unlike blinds or curtains, if any of that paint or crayon ends up on these child proof shutters- it can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth!


Why Shutters Are Great for Children’s Rooms- a Summary!

Here’s a summary of why child friendly window shutters really are the perfect fit for any home with small children.
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Noise-reduction
  • Near black-out effect
  • Easy to adjust
  • Waterproof materials that won’t warp or stain
  • Easy to clean
  • Don’t harbour dust mites/allergens
  • No long cords that pose a serious choking hazard



To top it all off, shutters for a child’s room are very affordable and easy to install yourself - or we can install them for you! If you’re ready to learn a little more and explore some of your options, get in touch with us today, we’re looking forward to helping you make the perfect selection of shutters for your home.