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Choosing kitchen shutters - Your essential guide

12:05PM 04 January 2020

When remodelling a kitchen, plantation shutters make the perfect addition. Fully customisable to accommodate any style of décor, from farmhouse style to modern, wooden shutters provide privacy, light control and elegance. Here we offer some key guidelines to help you design the perfect kitchen shutters.
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Why choose shutters for your kitchen?
  • Shutters provide flexible control over the amount of light you’d like in your kitchen
  • You can bifold or swing your shutter panels open fully to allow complete view and light entry into the kitchen 
  • Panels can be kept closed, lowering and raising the louvers to maintain exactly how much light you’d like to come through.
  • Minimise afternoon glare and shut out extremely hot and cold temperatures by keeping your kitchen shutters closed.
  • Household chores are reduced as shutters are easier to clean than curtains or blinds
  • With our standard UV protectant and sealant, your kitchen shutters are guaranteed not to yellow or fade over time. Unless you choose to order them in yellow of course!
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One of the most popular styles for kitchens is café style shutters. Covering the lower section of a window, they still allow plenty of light to flood through the upper portion. Café style gives you the freedom to cover as much or as little of the window as you’d prefer. You can measure up to the lower third, the centre, two thirds upwards, or to obscure any natural divide or obstruction in your window. 

Full height shutters offer total privacy and light blockage. A mid-rail in full height style adds flexibility to influence the upper and lower louvers independently.

Tier on tier shutters split the panels so that both upper and lower tiers can swing open and be closed separately.

What’s the best material for kitchen shutters?

The kitchen is a busy area prone to spills, splashes, grease drops and odours that might smell appetising until they’re lingering around your home for ages. Made from polyvinyl, our waterproof shutters are really easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth! A hidden tilt rod will give you an even more streamlined look that’s even easier to wipe than the more traditional central tilt rod. If your kitchen window sits right behind a tap you won’t have to worry about any splashes, but it’s worth considering bi-folding panels which fold away from the tap rather than swing towards it.

Kitchen shutters The Shutter Store
What colour shutters look best in a kitchen?   
Choosing just the right colour to complement your kitchen can be awkward! Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic white that really brightens up a room and goes with any colour. If your cabinets are painted or stained, a white shutter can blend right in or offer a striking contrast.

Stuck on choosing a colour? You can order up to 3 free samples and hold them up to your cabinets and appliances to see what looks best! If you’re feeling bolder and want to add more pop to a more neutral tone kitchen, also check out our Kids Collection, which you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate!

If you’re still not sure where to start you can email us in your ‘before’ picture and we’ll help you design the perfect ‘after’! Our friendly shutter experts are just a call away for tips on measuring, design or placing an order. Time to get cooking!