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What are plantation shutters and what are their benefits?

3:04PM 28 September 2018

Heard about plantation shutters, and wondered what they are? Discover the benefits of the window treatment that’s suitable for every room in your home, and looks as good from outside as it does in.


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What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are louvred shutters. The louvres – or slats – can be tilted from fully closed to fully open, as well as angled between these two positions. It’s the louvres that make them different from traditional solid shutters, which have solid panels that fold across the window. With plantation shutters, the light that comes in can be precisely regulated, where solid shutters are either open or closed.


They get their name from plantations in the deep south of the USA. Here, wooden shutters were installed on the outside of the main plantation home. They commonly had fixed position slats back then but, over time, they began to be made with louvres that could be tilted to shield the interior of rooms from the sun.


Pic: The Shutter Store

What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

Fabulously flexible window dressings, plantation shutters have the edge over curtains and blinds.


Plantation shutters can help you sleep better. With the louvres closed, you can avoid being disturbed by street lights and early dawns as our bespoke plantation shutters fit your windows exactly.


Slats that can be angled precisely have other plus points, too. During the day you can maximise the daylight coming in without leaving the panes of your windows fully open as you’d have to do with curtains, which can mean intrusive gazes from passers-by or the neighbours opposite. And, unlike with Roman blinds or curtains that don’t draw back fully, you’re not leaving a portion of your window blocked so no daylight comes in at all.


Plantation shutters can also allow you to open windows to ventilate rooms in warm weather but retain the security of a covering across the window.


Another advantage of plantation shutters is that you can manage the glare of the sun as it moves round during the day, tilting the blades as necessary to keep screens easy to see, and to prevent the sun fading furniture.


As well as providing practical benefits, plantation shutters score in the style stakes, too. They complement homes of all ages and sizes from cottages to Victorian homes, 20th century architecture and today’s new builds. And, as well as looking elegant from inside your rooms, they really boost kerb appeal, giving the exterior of a home a smart and consistent finish at every window.


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What are plantation shutters made of?

We offer three types of plantation shutters to suit every room and every budget:




  • Waterproof plantation shutters are made from polyvinyl with an aluminium core. They’re ideal for humid rooms or if they’ll be splashed with water, but the slats are also especially strong, so they’re ideal in homes with young kids.


Pic: The Shutter Store

Do plantation shutters come in different styles?

Our plantation shutters come in three different styles so you can choose a window treatment that regulates light and privacy perfectly in every room.


  • Full-height plantation shutters cover the whole window.


  • Café-style plantation shutters cover just the lower part of the window. They’ll bring maximum daylight in through the top of the window, but can keep the room private from passers-by, or when you’re seated at a table, for example.


  • Tier-on-tier plantation shutters have separate panels for the upper and lower portions of the window so you can open just the panels you want when you want.


Are plantation shutters always white?

White shutters are extremely popular, and have enduring style. However, other neutral shades can look equally stylish, and we offer a range from pale to deeper tones. Want to make your window a focal point? Coloured shutters create a great feature. And if you prefer wood, choose our hardwood shutters, which come in a choice of wonderful wood stains, as well as painted finishes.


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