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Are full height shutters right for my room? Here's our expert guide

3:42PM 24 February 2020

So, you’ve chosen plantation shutters? Good call! The next step is choosing a shutter style.
Full height shutters are our most popular design, but are they right for your room? We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide.


The advantages of full height shutters

Full height shutters come in a single frame and cover the total length of your windows. These are easy to measure, as you only need to gauge the full height of your window.

The benefits of this style are:
  • With the panels closed you can achieve full privacy and maximum light reduction.
  • This style provides insulation to shut out the cold and keep in the heat.
  • Full window coverage offers noise reduction from outside.
  • They’re easier to install than our tier-on-tier design, although with our installation guides any process is simple!
  • Full height shutters are suited to windows of any size or shape and are also perfect for shutters on doors.
Another major advantage to this style is that you could add a mid-rail or split in your chosen rod. This allows you to open the upper and lower slats independently of each other, giving you the functionality of tier-on-tier shutters. This will allow you privacy from the lower section but let in maximum light through the top.

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The disadvantages of full height shutters

As our most popular shutter style, full height shutters are known for their many plus points, so it’s not easy finding any disadvantages to this flexible and adaptable design!
But here are two potential cons of full height shutters:
  • This style covers the full height of the window, therefore if you want to maximise the light, you need to open the slats or open the panels themselves.
  • The full coverage may disguise period features like stained glass.

If full height shutters are not for you, you my wish to consider another style:

  • Tier-on-tier shutters This style also offers full coverage which provides the same level of insulation and noise reduction, but with the added benefit of two separate panels top and bottom. They also allow you to open the top panels to let maximum light in whilst offering full privacy. For further information, why not read our blog post: Are tier on tier shutters right for my room?
  • Café style shutters This design covers the lower half of your window only, allowing maximum light levels into your

Full height shutters – perfect for any room

This design is literally suited to any room! Small or large windows benefit from this style, but our favourite room to see this style in has to be a bedroom. Full height shutters would give your bedroom the privacy and light reduction it needs. To use this style to maximum effect, why not opt for full height solid shutters, perfect to create the cosy environment your bedroom needs.

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Can I find full height shutters in all ranges?

The good news is that full height shutters are available in every range we have! You can really make a statement with our quality hardwood shutters range or protect against the elements with our waterproof vinyl shutters.

Your full height shutters will shine in any of our 12 stunning shades and 8 classic stains. For a smaller window, why not be bold with our deeper stone and clay shades or a sumptuous mahogany or chestnut stain?

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Can I measure and install full height shutters?

Absolutely! Here at the Shutter Store we guide you every step of the way to ensure that anyone - no matter what their DIY experience – can measure and fit their own shutters.

This process doesn’t need to be scary, contact our experts discuss any aspect you’re unsure about and make sure you follow our extensive measuring guides and installing guides - with these you can’t go wrong!


How much are full height shutters?

Like all our ranges and styles, you’ll already be saving money by picking a DIY brand rather than a full measure and install service.
On average, the cost of shutters is £179 per square meter, that’s over £120 less per square meter than full service brands! Find out more about the cost of shutters here.

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If you’re still not sure which design is best for you, you can email us in your ‘before’ picture and we’ll help you design the perfect ‘after’!

Our friendly shutter experts are just a call away for tips on measuring, design or placing an order.