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Are tier on tier shutters right for my room? Here's how they stack up

11:35AM 15 January 2020

Tier on tier shutters are a popular choice, combining the benefits of full height and café style shutters in one. But how do you know if they are right for your windows?

Even as our most versatile design, it can be difficult to know whether choosing this style is best suited for you. We’ve compiled some facts about our favourite style of shutters to help you decide.

Tier on tier shutters TSS

The advantages of DIY tier on tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters come in one frame and cover the full height of your window. When measuring, you choose a dividing point where you want your panels to be split into 2 tiers.  This can simply be halfway up your windows, or to any desired point. A popular choice is to have the tier split running in line with the rails and design of your windows.

The benefits of this design are:
  • All panels can close fully for optimal privacy and light reduction when needed
  • Full closure also offers insulation against extreme outdoor temperatures
  • A shutter style that covers the entire window also offers noise reduction for those pesky external sounds
  • The top tier can be kept open to optimize the light in the room, while the bottom tier is closed to ensure all-important privacy
  • If low furniture is in any way obstructing the shutters, you can still have access and full function to your top tiers
  • It’s a classic and traditional design that complements period properties and is especially suited for tall windows
Tier on tier shutters TSS

The disadvantages of DIY tier on tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters complement large, grand windows but can be overpowering on smaller windows. With two sets of bottom and top rails, they can make a small window look busy and block out the light where the tiers meet.

If the dividing point for the top tier is high up, you need to take into consideration how easily this can be accessed when you want to open the top tier, or indeed the top slats.

For taller, larger windows bear in mind that a tier on tier style will create a more challenging installation as you have double the number of panels to align. For a larger window, you may want to consider having a second person to help you install this design.

If tier on tier shutters are not for you, consider another style:
  • Full height shutters. As they also offer full coverage, they also come with the same levels of privacy, light control and insulation as tier on tier. Why not opt for a mid-rail and therefore you can control the top and bottom slats independently?
  • Café style shutters This half-height style offers all the privacy on the bottom half of your window while allowing maximum light in at the top.

Tier on tier shutters TSS

The perfect room for DIY tier on tier shutters

This adaptable design is a great choice for any rooms with large windows. With full control of privacy and light levels, you really can’t go wrong. Tier on tier shutters are like getting 3 shutters styles for the price of 1!

Best suited for tall windows, we love to see this classic design complimenting period properties and grand bay windows.

What ranges can I have DIY tier on tier shutters in?

Another advantage of choosing tier on tier shutters is that they are available in every range we offer.
Our Waterproof range is the choice for you If your bathroom or kitchen have high moisture levels, or if your shutters will come into direct contact with water.

Otherwise, we have 3 wooden ranges to choose from in over 12 sumptuous shades, 6 hinge colours and 8 timeless stains. These are numbers you cannot disagree with!

You may be looking for a clean, bright white to match your window surrounds, or perhaps you’re ready to be bold with an eye-catching Clay or Stone. Either way, tier on tier shutters are classic design choice that will suit any interior.

Tier on tier shutters TSS

If you’re still not sure which design is best for you, you can email us in your ‘before’ picture and we’ll help you design the perfect ‘after’!

Our friendly shutter experts are just a call away for tips on measuring, design or placing an order.