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Half Solid Raised Shutters

Half Solid shutters are the best of both! Each panel has a solid raised lower portion with adjustable louvres above. These shutters shutters are a great option for partially glazed doors. 

Half Solid Raised shutters

SALE ENDS 10/08/22

Half Solid Raised Shutters

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Why choose Essential Hybrawood shutters?

Essential Hybrawood is our best selling range. The shutters are made from a combination of basswood timber frames and polyvinyl louvres to produce an elegant yet very durable shutter. Essential shutters are available in 13 smooth painted finishes.

Why choose Natural Hardwood shutters?

Natural Hardwood shutters are made entirely of quality basswood timber and are supplied with a beautifully smooth finish. You can choose from 13 paints and 11 wood stains. We also offer 4 limewash finishes for added texture and rustic charm.

Why choose Waterproof PVC shutters?

Waterproof PVC shutters are perfect for bathrooms or wetrooms where your shutter may get splashed. They are made from polyvinyl and come in a choice of 4 neutral paint finishes


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Natural Hardwood shutters are made entirely of quality paulownia timber and are supplied with a beautifully smooth finish. You can choose from 13 paints and 11 wood stains. We also offer 4 limewash finishes for added texture and rustic charm.

Central, Offset, Clearview or Hidden?

A Tilt Rod is the mechanism that connects the slats and enables them to tilt together. We offer different options to suit your style and preference. 

Central - A traditional look with the rod positioned in the front and centre of each panel. 

Offset - Similar to Central but the rod is position offset (to the hinged side) on the front of each panel. 

Clearview - Clean and contemporary. The slats are connected by a discreet metal rod on the rear of the panels. The rod is offset to the side so it is only semi-visible. 

Hidden - A fully-concealed mechanism that us built into the stiles of the panels. You can't see it from any angle so its perfect if you are looking for that modern, minimalist look. Available from 25/03/2020


Which shutter frame is right for my window?

All of our shutters are supplied with a frame as standard. Choosing the right frame is important as it is used to fix the shutter to your window or surrounding area. 

Plain L Frame - This frame is an Inside Mount option, meaning it can be used for shutters being installed within a recess. 

Bullnose Z Frame - This is another Inside Mount option. The Bullnose Z frame is positioned at the front of the recess as it has a lip that wraps around onto the surrounding wall. If you have a projecting window sill don't forget to add a 'sill cut' which means the lip is removed on the bottom frame side. 

Beaded L Frame - This frame is our Inside Mount option for the Waterproof PVC frame. It can be used for shutters being installed within a recess. It can be requested with pre-drilled holes and cover caps. 

Vintage L Frame - This is an Outside Mount option, meaning it can be used for installing shutters directly onto a window frame or the wall surrounding the window. Select this frame type if your window does not have a recess. 


Hinges to suit every shutter

Hinges are used to attach your shutter panels to the shutter frames, or to other panels depending on your chosen design. The high-quality fittings we use are guaranteed to make opening and closing your shutters smooth and easy. They enable you to simply fold open your shutter panels to flood the room with light. 

Hinges are available in a choice of painted and metal finishes so you can choose a hinge that complements your shutter colour and interior decor. 

Why a Midrails such a good choice?

A Midrail is a horizontal rail that divides the louvres into sections within a panel. 

Not only does a midrail provide additional structure and stability to your panels, but it affords greater control over light and privacy. The louvres above and below the midrail can be tilted independently meaning you can keep your room nice and bright, without the neighbours peeping in!