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Waterproof bathroom shutters in a contemporary bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have symmetrical windows in your home like this customer does, shutters are the perfect window dressing to accentuate their symmetry and save on floor space that curtains would typically take up.

We fitted our range of waterproof shutters to these beautiful symmetrical bathroom windows which were a practical choice of window dressing for many reasons…

These waterproof shutters are perfect for the window that’s prone to splashes

Waterproof shutters are the most practical option for windows near a sink or inside a shower. In this example, the customer’s window is directly beside a sink. They chose to install our water-resistant shutters to ensure they won’t hold moisture like fabric blinds and net curtains will, having a much faster drying time and being easier to wipe clean.

The full height shutters offer controlled light and privacy in the bathroom

This customer wanted a window dressing that allowed the light to flood through while keeping privacy. With their new bathroom shutters they can now tilt their slats to control the light and privacy they need, something blinds can’t offer, remaining either closed or open.

The customer has paid close attention to detail on their bathroom shutters to make the most of the contemporary look of the room. They opted for a wider slat for a more contemporary look and in this instance, keeping the tilt rod hidden ensures clean lines and a modern feel.

The shutters shown are full height with mid rails, concealed push rod system and 89mm slats. They make this small room look larger and lighter than any other window covering possibly could. Take a look at our range of shutters to dream up how they will look in your home.