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Alex’s new build kitchen window dressing

Having always admired shutters in other people’s homes, when Alex moved into her new build in Pontefract in Yorkshire, she knew instantly which kitchen window dressing she wanted.

Pics: As seen on Alex's popular homes & interiors Instagram account @this.dreamed.up.home

We just bought our family home and for me there was no other option.” says Alex, “I love the look of shutters both internally and externally. I chose shutters for the kitchen, bedroom and nursery. The rooms are all at the front of our house, matching windows were one factor in that decision but I also felt that they would suit all three rooms perfectly."

Alex’s shutters bring charm to her beautiful new-build property which she shares pictures of throughout her Instagram account.


Selecting the right shutters was an easy decision for Alex, who at the time was expecting her first baby, taking budgets into close consideration…

I first looked at DIY options vs buying them from a high street store, however the high street stores were considerably more expensive. After researching online I chose The Shutter Store as I found the website and instructions easy to navigate and I liked the choice of shutters. I also felt the price point was the most competitive.

I opted for tier-on-tier shutters with wide slats for all rooms as I wanted them all to look the same from the outside. I also like that you can open the top level of the shutters to allow light in, while maintaining privacy with the bottom tier. We were expecting our first baby so had a budget in place and this option seemed like excellent value for money.


Alex measured up, placed her order on our website and within a few days The Shutter Store team called to confirm all measurements and the order, answering any technical concerns Alex had. Then before she knew it, it was installation day.

8 months pregnant and armed with a drill, Alex installed her window shutters with ease.

“I installed the shutters by myself and was surprised at how easy it was. Screwing the frame into your window is the most technical part and I then just popped the shutters on and it was done." 

Alex is the envy of her friends’ eyes with her new shutters. She tells us,

We love our shutters and have received lots of compliments from visitors. I'm so pleased that we chose them. I'm still planning on putting them in the remaining rooms.

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