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Small slats in a traditional box bay

This stunning, large box bay bedroom window in Dover is a great example of how small slat sizes bring a more traditional look to a room. The smallest slat size we offer is 64mm. Small slats bring a host of benefits.


Opting for a small slat size has given this customer more control over the light and privacy in their bedroom. When tilted at an angle, less light can enter the room making them the perfect choice for south facing or bright rooms like home offices and nurseries, where you want to control bright sunshine.

Small slats often work well on small windows, so consider this if your window is particularly petite.

The shutters shown in this room have been installed in three frames around the box bay. They are full height with central pushrods and mid rails running through the centre, in line with the window formation underneath.

Installing a mid rail as shown above has given more flexibility to the customer enabling them to open slats at the top and close slats at the bottom or vice versa depending on their light and privacy needs. The shutters are fitted to the box bay window with an outside mount frame and the colour – shell – matches the soft interior perfectly.