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1930s Bay Window Shutters Installed Using 5 Frames

A common question we are asked is “Can you fit shutters to a curved bay window?” and the answer is yes, yes you can!

1930s properties are typically built with beautiful rounded bays upstairs and downstairs to make the most of every angle of sunshine throughout the day. They’re often referred to as a ‘sunshine bay’, letting light flood through the room, having anything up to 7 or 8 panels.

The shutters installed on this 1930s bay window in Bath make the room look much larger than it did previously, with dated net curtains and heavy curtains fitted.

In this 1930s property, the customer measured and installed a single shutter and frame individually to each panel of their curved bay. They selected full height shutters opting for mid rails to sit high on the window, reflecting the PVCU frame formation underneath. The regular pushrods have been installed using outside mounted frames giving a classic, period look which conveniently make it easier for the homeowner to lean in and open and close the slats if furniture obstructs the front of the bay.