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Family-Friendly Open Plan Kitchen Décor Ideas

12:00PM 07 September 2023

The kitchen: The heart of the home where (hopefully) delicious meals and precious memories are cooked up. Designing a family-friendly open plan kitchen is no mean feat though. It’s a delicate balancing act that should combine practicality and style. But don’t let that scare you, because we’ve got a few clever decorating ideas for open plan kitchens to help you create a space that’s for more than just meal prep.

Seamless Flow

One of the most important aspects of an open plan kitchen is flow. Well, that and lovely food, but we can’t help with that - sorry.

By keeping your design cohesive with a harmonious colour palette, you’ll create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This encourages conversation and connection, making the kitchen a place that you and your family will love spending time in.

decorating ideas for open plan kitchens

Island Living

We love a good kitchen island. Because of their central location, they act as the nucleus of the kitchen. They’re a meal prep station, a dining area, a breakfast bar, or even somewhere to stand around when hosting.

It’s also important to choose a family-friendly design with rounded edges to stop the kids (both big and small) taking knocks here and there.


When thinking about decorating ideas for open plan kitchens, it’s a good idea to have defined zones. Not following? Let us explain.

An island, for example, can serve as a breakfast bar and a homework station, while you might create a cosy reading nook away from the appliances. With just a little bit of consideration, you’ll turn your kitchen into a multi-purpose family hub.

Storage Solutions

With kids running around, it’s important to have storage that’s accessible and secure. Consider deep drawers and open shelves to make grabbing snacks or setting the table much quicker.

It's sensible to think about your waste storage and recycling too. Instead of a free-standing waste bin, go with an integrated rubbish bin in one of your cupboards. This keeps your waste from view and makes it easier to arrange your recycling.

Dinner Time

Often, the open plan kitchen merges with the dining area, creating a family meal spot that feeds (feeds – get it?) off the buzz from the kitchen.

Go with a sturdy dining table that can handle daily use and the inevitable spills. Want to bring a more casual vibe into the kitchen? Bench seating might be for you. Just remember not to lean back when seated!

Child-Friendly Window Coverings

DIY shutters are an excellent family-friendly kitchen window treatment. Unlike curtains and blinds that hang down and have long, grabbable cords, shutters are cordless, easy to operate, and they don’t protrude into the room.

They’re super durable and easy to clean too. That way, you don’t have to worry about your little ones bumping into them or getting them dirty. Plus, they offer excellent light control and insulation, keeping your kitchen cosy and comfy year-round.


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Have Questions?

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