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How to pair shutters and curtains

11:45AM 15 October 2021

When it’s time to choose window coverings for your home, one of the big decisions you’ll face is to choose between shutters or curtains. Even though shutters come out ahead by far, that doesn’t mean you need to necessarily choose one or the other.

Shutters vs curtains - why not both? Some homeowners choose to combine shutters with curtains because they love the way the combination looks.

We recommend starting with shutters that you love and then choosing the ideal style of curtains to pair with them, because the shutters are more permanent, whereas the curtains are easier to replace. 
You can enjoy the function and luxury of plantation shutters, with a little extra flare thanks to the curtains. They make a great team!

shutters and curtains together
Tier on tier bedroom planation shutters with curtains

Pairing Plantation Shutters with Curtains

The main reason to install curtains over your shutters is simply for aesthetics, since shutters can provide all the benefits of curtains plus a little bit more!

For instance, shutters do a better job of blocking the light, they’re easier to adjust when you want to let some light in, they’ll allow you to adjust the slats to get fresh air while maintaining privacy, and on top of that, shutters can even help to block out external noise.

The reason to use curtains isn’t that they’re more functional, so think of them as a way to dress up your shutters for a different visual appeal. It’s easier to change your curtains than it is to paint your shutters. Curtains with shutters just offer another layer to experiment with as you fine-tune the style of your home.


bedroom plantation shutters with curtains
Bedroom plantation shutters with curtains

Thoughts On Using Curtains Over Shutters

Here are some things to consider when you’re thinking about installing plantation shutters with curtains.
  • Shutters for bedrooms: You can use curtains over your bedroom shutters if you want to add another depth to the style in your room. Bedroom plantation shutters with curtains will provide the ultimate light and noise reduction for the ideal sleep environment.
  • Bay window shutters and curtains: Curtains can look great with shutters in your bay window, adding drama and warmth.
  • Using tiebacks: If you really want to bring out the luxury, think about using tiebacks to give your curtains an elegant and tailored tool, instead of just letting the panels hang loose.
  • Cafe style shutters. A popular choice is pairing our half-height shutters with hanging drapes.
  • Complementary colours. A good way to ensure your shutters and curtains tie in seamlessly is using complementary light colours for both. This will make your rooms look bigger and brighter.

bay window shutters and curtains
Living room shutters with curtains

Curtains or no curtains with shutters?

Curtains over shutters aren’t necessary in terms of functionality, your shutters on their own will do a great job of keeping the light out. Curtains with shutters are primarily a stylistic choice since your curtains afford you the luxury of having a near-limitless amount of colours and patterns when you’re designing your room.

If you like the look of simple, sheer curtains over your shutters, or something a bit bolder and brighter, this is a great way to enjoy the functionality of shutters and the style flourishes that come from some curtain designs.


plantation shutters with curtains
Cafe style shutters with curtains

Choosing Your Window Shutters

We can help you select the perfect plantation shutters for your home. It’s a matter of looking at your goals for each room, your personal style, what’s already in your home (such as furniture and which colour your walls are). If you aren’t sure where to start, just start by getting in touch today.

If you have any questions for us, our friendly team are always on hand. Send an email into hello@theshutterstore.co.uk or try our handy Live chat today.