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Dress your bay window with bespoke interior shutters

11:12AM 15 October 2021

There are certain timeless features a home can have that will inspire countless compliments. One of these features is to have plantation shutters on a bay window.
Consider yourself very lucky if you have bay windows, these are a very desirable feature to find in a home. But if you aren’t dressing your bay windows to make the most of them, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the best bay window shutters to help you make the most of this fantastic area of your home.

Full Height or Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters for a Bay Window

Full height shutters can work great in a bay window when the windows aren’t too tall, but for taller windows, you may want to consider Tier-on-tier shutters for some additional versatility and stability. Full height shutters incorporate single panels that cover the height of the window, whereas Tier on tier shutters are divided in two, meaning you can open the top half while leaving the bottom half of your windows covered or vice versa.

bay window shutters
Tier on tier bay window shutters

Tier on tier gives you more control over how much light is able to enter your room, or how much privacy you’re getting. The multiple tiers can be opened, closed, and adjusted independently from one another.
Closing the bottom half while leaving the top open gives you privacy from people walking or driving in front of your home, while still letting in plenty of light. With Tier on tier shutters, you can also control the slats in each section independently, giving yet another dimension of control and customisation.



plantation shutters bay window
Cafe style bay window shutters

Cafe Style Shutters For Bay Windows

Cafe style shutters are a great option for kitchen and lounge bay windows, or for any room where you want to let in a lot of light while still maintaining optimal privacy. With cafe style shutters, the shutter covers the bottom portion of your window, while leaving the top open.
Some people will choose to cover the upper area of their bay window with curtains or blinds, while others choose to leave it open. In a room like your living room, this isn’t always ideal, since you may want to darken the room to watch TV.

Wooden shutters for a bay window are an ideal material to use. In the kitchen or bathroom, some people will opt for a waterproof material for their shutters since plantation shutters in these rooms are more prone to moisture or splashes. But elsewhere in the home, you shouldn’t have to worry about water damage or moisture, or you have bigger issues to worry about than the material of your shutters!


Solid wooden shutters

What About Solid Wooden Shutters for Bay Windows?

A solid wooden shutter bay window covering means that you won’t have adjustable slats, your shutters are either open or closed. If you have a master bedroom with bay windows, this is an option you may want to consider in order to maintain maximum privacy and maximum light reduction.
Solid bay window shutters can serve as a near-blackout option to keep your room dark, even as the sun starts to rise. They can help dampen any sounds from outdoors, as well.
For these reasons, solid wooden shutters work great for bay windows in a bedroom.

How To Get Started

Are you interested in exploring more of the possibilities of plantation shutters in your home? Unlock the full potential of your bay windows by installing shutters. We can help you choose the perfect style, the right material, and even down to the colour that will look perfect in your home.

Shutters are much more accessible than you may realise. It’s as simple as measuring your windows following our straightforward guides, choosing the options that suit you, and then mounting the shutters. Don’t be intimidated. Just because shutters look amazing and carry a timeless elegance, that doesn’t mean you can’t easily install them in your home. Plantation shutters are functional, affordable, and they look beautiful.

If you have any questions for us, our friendly team are always on hand. Send an email into hello@theshutterstore.co.uk or try our handy Live chat today.