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Full height shutters – the pros and cons

12:28PM 10 October 2019

When setting out on your custom shutters journey, the very first thing to think about is your shutter style. Here at The Shutter Store, full height shutters are our most popular design. But is this the right style for you? It really boils down to whether the full height size is a practical match to your vision. Let’s dive into the pros and cons!

Pros and cons of full height shutters - The Shutter Store

Pros of Full Height Shutters

As their name suggests, Full height shutters cover the entire height of your window space and there are many positives that come with fitting this type of shutter to your window:
  • Full height shutters offer complete privacy and light blockage, completely masking your window area.
  • When the slats and panels are closed, full height shutters deliver insulation to banish hot or chilly temperatures.
Full height shutters The Shutter Store

Adding a mid-rail allows you to control the upper and lower slats individually. This is particularly helpful when you’d like a bit of privacy - you can close the lower slats whilst keeping the upper slats open to maintain light within the room.
  • Full height shutters are the easiest style to install to your windows, and considerably less fiddly than tier-on-tier shutters. But in all cases our expert phone support and downloadable guides help keep the process simple.
  • The full height of these shutters means there's less mid rail and more slats, which give you the opportunity to have more light infiltrating the room. 
  • Full height shutters are the perfect choice if you want to fit shutters to doors.
Full height shutters The Shutter Store

Full Height Shutters – the cons

If you’d like to install shutters but are uncertain of which style is for you, it’s always worth being aware of what the cons are with certain styles, to help you think of different possibilities.
  • Full height shutters let light infiltrate a room effectively, but for some windows such as in dark bathrooms, you may prefer to leave a section of the window exposed to amplify the available light. Should this be the case, cafe style shutters will suit your needs more than full height shutters. 
  • You might wish to have more flexibility with regards to light control. Full height shutter panels open and close in unison, whereas tier on tier shutters allow you to open and close the top panels for added light and privacy control. 
As you can see, when it comes to shutters there aren’t many cons - if it all. There’s never any compromise on style, durability or ease of installation - merely subtle practical differences.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, email us your ‘before’ picture, and we’ll help you design the perfect ‘after’! You can call our friendly shutter experts for tips on measuring, design, or placing an order. Happy shuttering!