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Wood or MDF Shutters?

12:00PM 30 November 2023

If you’re looking for a set of shutters to add some style and functionality to your home, excellent choice! During your research you may have come across a debate that’s well known in shutter circles: wood or MDF shutters? Okay, it's not exactly cats vs dogs, but it's still a hot topic. So, to save you having to comb through the internet, we’ve written this quick and easy guide to talk you through the two materials and why wood shutters are our number one choice.

What are MDF Shutters?

MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard, is a cost-effective option for shutters. There’s no denying that they are cheaper than their wooden counterparts. They’re made by compressing wood fibres, resin, and wax, resulting in a smooth, uniform surface. While they have their merits, MDF shutters do have a number of drawbacks.

MDF shutters, although strong, aren’t the most durable. Their poor resistance to moisture can lead to swelling and warping, which isn’t ideal for areas prone to humidity like kitchens or bathrooms.

Shorter lifespan
Because of the above, MDF shutters won’t stand the test of time the way hardwood or faux wood shutters will. This is tough on the wallet and means they’re less eco-friendly too.

MDF shutters are notably heavier than their wooden counterparts. This weight can be problematic for large windows and pose safety hazards in homes with small children or those with mobility issues.

Limited options
MDF shutters generally only come in a couple of shades of white. Of course, we love a white shutter, but this can restrict your creative freedom. The same goes for style, with MDF shutters only coming in a couple of styles.

No solid shutters
If you've got your heart set on solid shutters, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You won't find them with MDF shutters.

What About Wooden Shutters?

Here at The Shutter Store, our best-selling product is our Natural Hardwood. Made from high quality paulownia, there are plenty of reasons we prefer it over MDF:

Paulownia hardwood is very lightweight, ensuring easy operation and a hassle-free installation. They’re also suitable for large windows.

Whether you’re after a rich wood stain or a sleek painted finish, hardwood shutters offer a wide range of colour and design options. That way, you can create a custom look that suits your style.

Built to last
Wooden shutters are designed with longevity – and style – in mind. We’re so sure of their quality that every wooden shutter comes with a five year warranty.

Solid shutters
Our paulownia hardwood shutters come in a range of styles, including the solid shutters often found in period properties.

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