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How To Prevent Mould Around Windows

12:00PM 16 November 2023

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or landlord, there’s one thing that unites us all: mould. Or rather, a hatred of mould. Although more commonly found in older period properties, no home is too young to avoid the slow creeping march of window mould.

That’s ok though, because we’ve done our research and found a few quick and easy tips to help you wave goodbye to this not so fungi. Get it – fun guy? Ok, moving on. Let’s talk about mould prevention.

Remove Existing Mould

Before taking preventative measures, be sure to get rid of any existing mould around the windows. Luckily, it’s pretty simple. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray the affected area, and then scrub with a brush or cloth. Remember to air out the room and wear gloves when doing this.

Keep Your Home Aired

Mould loves moisture, but it hates fresh air. Ensure your home is properly ventilated by keeping your windows open, even in the colder months. Although maybe not when the mercury starts to get into the low single digits. If your windows have trickle vents, make sure to keep those open too.

Stay Warm

While ventilation is important, so is air temperature. Mould loves the cold, so be sure to do all you can to keep the home nice and toasty during the winter.

Pick Up a Dehumidifier (or Two)

Dehumidifiers are great for removing mould around windows. They work by sucking excess moisture from the air, creating an inhospitable environment for mould. If you don’t want to invest in a larger electric dehumidifier, you can always pick up a few disposable ones.

Reposition House Plants

Did you know that positioning house plants near the windows can help control mould? No? Us neither. Well, until now. Plants release moisture which can worsen mould around the windows, so it might be a good idea to move them away from the windowsill.

Replace Old Window Coverings

Some window dressings an exacerbate window mould, especially in rooms prone to damp. This makes effective bathroom and kitchen window treatments particularly important.

Luckily, our faux wood shutters are 100% waterproof and super easy to clean. Plus, they’re UK-made, so we can ship them to you in a matter of days!

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