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Why Shutters Are the Perfect Fit for a Nursery

12:28PM 02 November 2021

It can be tricky finding the right window dressings for a child’s room, and even more so for a nursery. Not only do you have to consider how the shutters will look, but matters such as safety, durability, and light management shouldn’t be overlooked either. Luckily, we have put together a quick guide outlining just why nursery window shutters are the way to go.



This will almost certainly be the first thing all parents will consider when decorating a nursery. Whichever window dressings you go for, you will want them to be safe. Fortunately, shutters have several features to put you at ease. Apart from being made of lightweight materials, they are fitted securely into the recess of your window. This ensures that they will remain firmly in place, with no danger of them falling from the window. Should you opt for our tier-on-tier shutters, then you can make sure that the top panels are open and out of reach of the curious little ones when you want to let some extra light in during the day.

nursery white walls and shuttersTier-on-tier shutters

Security is Key

Nursery window shutters are great for security, too. Their movable slats mean that you have the ultimate control over how much passers-by can see into your home. And besides being fantastic for privacy, this stops potential intruders seeing what kind of valuables are in your home, thus acting as a fantastic deterrent.

They Keep Out the Light

If you have a newborn - or a toddler who struggles to sleep at night - then you will understand how important light management is. If a room is too bright, then a goodnight sleep is simply not on the cards, for you or your child. Luckily, our shutters block out most of the light from the street when their slats are closed. And should you wish to go one step further, our solid panel shutters do an even better job of keeping the room dark.

nursery window shuttersFull height bedroom shutters

Add Some Colour

Nursery white walls and shutters may not necessarily be the best look if you are wanting to stimulate younger minds. Kids like colour – that goes without saying. So, you don’t want your little one having to look at some drab curtains or beige blinds. We offer a range of colours – of which you can even order free samples. However, if you are looking for something a bit more unique, then why not consider one of our natural hardwood stains? They come in a range of hues which are sure to suit any nursery. So, whether you’re looking for nursery ideas for boys with shutters, or girls, we’ve got you covered.

If you still have questions on nursery window shutters, no to worry! Our friendly team are always on hand to help. Simply send an email to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk with your queries and some pictures of your windows.