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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shutters

12:18PM 23 November 2021

Shutters are a very diverse and versatile window dressing. As there is so much to choose from, whether it is colour, style, slat size, or materials. It can sometimes be a challenge to find your perfect shutters. That’s why we decided to draft up this handy guide – just for you.

perfect shutters
Cafe style shutters

Styling Your Perfect Shutters

The style you go for will very much depend on the style and size of window you have. Luckily, shutters are incredibly versatile and come with a range of options, so you will be sure to find a shutter that is right for you.

For smaller windows, Full Height shutters are generally the way to go. With taller options however, you have a bit more wiggle room. We love full height shutters on large windows, but Tier-on-Tier is another great option. While they give you separate slat control on the top and bottom sections, the panels can hinge individually from the windows too.

If you want to let more light in while still retaining privacy, Café Style shutters might be the ones for you. They usually go up to the halfway point of the window but are fully customisable and can stop at any height. We would recommend lining the top of café shutters with any horizontal transoms that your windows have.

Lastly, there are our Solid shutters. These come with solid panels of wood and more closely resemble the classic shutters of old. Not only are they ideal for a more traditional look, but they are great for blocking out almost all light too.

perfect shutters
Tier-on-tier bay window shutters

Slats and Pushrods

You should also consider light and privacy when constructing your perfect shutters. Our wider 76mm and 89mm slats will allow more light into your room when open, but they will also make it a little easier for passers-by to see into your room. Conversely, the small 64mm slats will let less light in, but make sneaking a peak from the outside that bit harder.

Our slatted shutters have four different kinds of pushrods, i.e., the mechanism which allows unified slat opening and closure: Central, Offset, Clearview, and Hidden. Central and Offset have the rods positioned on the front of the shutters, giving a more traditional look.

Clearview rods have a discrete metal rod to the rear of the panels – making the rod only semi-visible – while the Hidden option has a completely concealed mechanism which is built into the frame. These last two options exhibit a cleaner and more contemporary look.

perfect shutters
 Hidden pushrod shutters

Colour is Key

At The Shutter Store, we offer a gorgeous range of colours, from the whitest whites to the darkest greys. If you are trying to achieve a contemporary look, it is usually best to stick with these monochromatic options. This will give your room a more minimalist pallet.

If you have an older home or are going for a more traditional or rustic look, we recommend considering our natural hardwood. With 11 wood stains and four limewash finishes to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. Just remember that whichever colour or finish is available to you is dependent on material.

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perfect shuttersFull height white shutters

Materials Matter

We offer three different materials at The Shutter Store – one to suit every budget.
  • Essential Hybrawood – Our most affordable range, our patented Hyrbawood shutters have a hardwood frame with polyvinyl slats and are available in 13 different colours.
  • Natural Hardwood – Made from Paulownia, a durable hardwood, they are relatively light weight and very high quality. Available 13 colours, 11 stains, and 4 limewash finishes.
  • Waterproof Polyvinyl – If your shutters are going to be suffering from a lot of splash back or will be in a bathroom with little to no ventilation, then our Polyvinyl shutters maybe the choice for you. Available in 4 shades of white.

If you still have questions, or need a hand measuring your windows, feel free to send an email into hello@theshutterstore.co.uk. One of our friendly team would be more than happy to help.