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Improve Your Home’s Security with Window Shutters

2:44PM 06 May 2021

At The Shutter Store UK, we love to rant and rave about the many benefits of shutters. Whether it’s their noise cancelling properties, how shutters trump blinds, ,or that they add instant kerb appeal, there are numerous pluses to owning plantation shutters. But one question often posed to us – and one we are yet to answer - is, “Are plantation shutters good for security?”

To some, 'Are shutters good for security?' seems like a strange question. But did you know that where household burglaries have taken place, the perpetrator gains entry to the house via the window 30% of the time? We were shocked too! Not only this, but most household thefts are spur of the moment and happen during the day. This alone illustrates just how important window security is, even on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We understand that home security is of vital importance to our customers. So, while you may already have various measure in place, we wanted to take the time to tell you how shutters can add another layer of security to your home. “How?” you ask, well…


Shutters give you added privacy

One of the huge selling points of shutters is that they give you an added degree of privacy. With their hinged panels and movable slats, they are incredibly diverse. Besides light management, they also mean that passers-by won’t find it so easy to sneak a peek into your home. So, if somebody were to walk past with a full view of your lovely living room, they won’t be able to catch a glimpse of your valuable grandfather clock. Alright, maybe that’s not the best example, but you get our point.

Shutters are an excellent deterrent

By this, we mean that somebody might plan for a quick intrusion and get put off due to the hassle of getting past your stylish shutters. The added privacy of shutters also ensure that passers-by cannot see if somebody is home, which might well make any prospective pilferer think twice. If you go for our smallest slat size – 64mm – this provides even less visibility for would-be intruders to. Should you decide to go one step further, then solid shutters will give you the utmost assurance that nobody is peering through your windows.




They make gaining entry much more difficult

Unlike curtains or blinds, shutters are fixed to the recess of your windows, and intended to be a permanent fixture. They are also made from strong, durable hardwood, and expertly constructed to the highest of standards. Even if somebody does manage to get through your windows, the added inconvenience of getting past your shutters will make a swift burglary quite a challenge for any trespasser.



So, are plantation shutters good for security? We certainly think so! If you would like to know more about shutters and what they can do for your home, get in touch, we can’t wait to hear from you.