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Shutters or blinds - which are better?

12:27PM 14 February 2020

When starting out on your DIY window dressing journey, you’ll see that there are many options available, including plantation shutters and blinds. At first glance, you might think that there’s not much difference between them. But when you begin to look a little closer, you’ll discover some striking contrasts. So, which style offers the most benefits – shutters or blinds? Let’s find out!

Shutters vs Blinds – which bring more privacy?

Shutters ✔️ Blinds ❌

Shutters or blinds? The Shutter Store

In these overexposed times, we like to feel able to control our privacy more than ever. This is something that plantation shutters offer with impressive degrees of discretion. If you choose full height shutters, you can opt for a split rail and have one section closed and one tilted open – perfect if you live in a basement flat for instance. 

Conversely, if you’re choosing DIY shutters for your bathroom, then Café style shutters are a perfect option. Covering the lower half of the window, Café style provide an elegant barrier to potential onlookers, whilst still delivering plenty of natural light into your personal space.

Blinds can only be open or closed, it’s either up or down – with no room for subtlety.

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Shutters or blinds – which allow better light control?

Shutters ✔️ Blinds ❌

Shutters or blinds? The Shutter Store

It’s true. Whatever size of slat you decide to choose, with shutters you get to control the flow of light into your home. With Tier on Tier shutters, you have the option to keep your top tier open, allowing sufficient sunlight into your home whilst still maintaining privacy and reducing glare.  As the sun’s position changes, you can alter the angle of your slats accordingly.

With blinds, you’re limited with the amount of light that you’d like to bring in your home.

Shutters or blinds – can either offer noise control?

Shutters ✔️ Blinds ❌

It’s a proven fact that plantation shutters offer an effective barrier against noise. Make the most of your precious bedtime, safe in the knowledge that your shutters are helping to keep outside noise to a minimum. Your chances of a restful night’s sleep are considerably enhanced with plantation shutters.

A blind is an altogether flimsier proposition and can’t be relied upon to shut out noise.


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Shutters vs blinds – which provide effective insulation?

Shutters ✔️ Blinds ❌

Plantation shutters are custom specified to the exact dimensions of your window, right down to the millimetre. Combined with the thickness of the wood they’re made from (e.g. solid wood shutters), they’re recognised for their insulating qualities. What’s more, being secure and sturdy, they won’t be banging around during windy weather!

In contrast to shutters, fitting blinds to your windows won’t have a noticeable impact on reducing your heating bills either.

Shutters or blinds – for special shaped windows?

Shutters ✔️ Blinds ❌

Shutters or blinds? The Shutter Store

Many of our customers approach us with queries about their special shaped windows. Can you fit it? Yes, you can! Can you cover it with a blind? Erm… somewhat unlikely. Here at The Shutter Store, we’ve offered expert guidance on installations for circular, trapezoid, triangular windows and more.

Shutters love windows of all shapes and sizes. This is not quite the case with blinds.

Shutters or blinds – which are easy to clean?

Shutters ✔️ Blinds ❌

Housework is all about the quick wins. How long do you really want to spend on domestic chores whilst maintaining standards? Shutters are the easiest of all window dressings to preserve. With their clean, straight lines and smooth surfaces, all it takes is a speedy dust and wipe to keep them looking box fresh! What’s more, unlike blinds, they remain free of dust mites and are a far better solution for allergy sufferers.

Blinds retain dust, are fiddly to take down and need to be taken to the dry cleaners.

Read more about cleaning your shutters here.

Shutters or blinds – Do they enhance kerb appeal?

Shutters ✔️ Blinds ❌


When you look at homes that you like, which are the ones that really stand out? Regardless of their exterior design, chances are that it’s the windows, or more precisely the window dressings that make the most impression. Call us window snobs if you like, but we know which types we prefer – the ones that have been dressed in clean, classic shutters!

Are windows decorated with crinkled curtains and crooked blinds going to make such a positive impression on potential buyers?

So, there we have it – the case for plantation shutters rests.  After offering the evidence, we’re sure you’ll judge that shutters beat blinds in all window requirements!

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If you’ve got any more questions about the benefits of shutters then send them our way! Give us a call or email us and we’ll be more than happy to help.