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5 style tips for interior window shutters

12:47PM 06 May 2021

Interior window shutters are a bold, sophisticated style that can exude a traditional look or take on a more modern feeling, depending on how you utilise them. 

After reading our style tips you’ll have some ideas of which styles and types of indoor wooden shutters will work best in your home and how to choose the material that makes the most sense for you.

1. Shutters for Traditional-Style Homes

If you’re going for a traditional look inside of your home, interior wood shutters are a must! Shutters date back to the 18th century, and they look stunning in older homes or homes that are going for a timeless look. Why not opt for a solid shutter for the ultimate in period elegance.

Solid shutters

2. Interior Wood Shutters for Modern Homes

Despite how perfect shutters are in traditional-looking houses, they’re equally fitting for a more modern look, with some minor adjustments. You could go with a bold and striking colour to make your shutters stand out or something more subdued and traditional to contrast the rest of your modern decor. We recommend choosing a larger slat size and wider panels for a sleek and modern finish.



Full height shutters

3. Shutters For Your Bedroom

Full-height shutters are usually the best option for bedrooms because they cover your entire window. You can go with shutters that have slats if you want to let some light into your bedroom while still maintaining a reasonable degree of privacy, or if there aren’t any spots for prying eyes you could go with solid raised shutters.

Solid shutters

You can swing solid panels wide open, making this a good option when privacy isn’t a concern. But when they’re closed they will block out the maximum amount of light, making these interior window shutters perfect for bedrooms. Ideal if you like to sleep in, or work shifts, and want the benefits of blackout curtains or blinds but with a more pleasing aesthetic!

If you have a loft bedroom, interior window shutters are still a great option since they take up minimal space and can be crafted to fit Velux windows and special shaped windows.
Tier on tier shutters

4. Shutters For Your Bathroom

Waterproof polyvinyl shutters work great for bathrooms since the steam from the shower or splashes from the sink can cause traditional hardwood shutters to warp. Our Waterproof shutters are affordable, stylish, and completely customisable to meet your exact specifications. They are custom-fabricated to fit your windows perfectly.

If you have a large bathroom and your windows are on the opposite side of your shower and sink, then we would recommend choosing our Hardwood or Hybrawood shutter options. Our waterproof shutters are available for those whose shutters will come into direct contact with water.


5. Choosing The Right Material

Since we’ve already touched on the topic of which material your shutters should be made from, let’s dive into it a bit deeper. For kitchens and bathrooms that will come into direct contact with water, you’ll ideally opt for shutters made from a waterproof material, like our Waterproof Polyvinyl shutters


For all other shutters, the choice is between Hardwood or Hybrawood.

Our Essential Hybrawood offering is more affordable. With Polyvinyl slats and hardwoods frames, (Essentially a hybrid plantation shutter) This hybrid has ensured we can offer a lower-cost product while retaining the quality and durability of a hardwood shutter.

Our Hardwood shutters are exactly that, solid hardwood throughout! From the frames, slats and right down to the stiles, these shutters are made from 100% natural hardwood. Not only does this material offer durability and longevity, but they offer serious style as well! We recommend showing off the natural grain of these solid wood stunners with one of our many wood stains or limewashes.


Wood stained hardwood shutters