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How to Soundproof a Nursery

3:00PM 23 June 2022

Babies and young children need a lot of sleep. This can range from 8 hours a night, up to 14-17 for new-borns. And any new parent will tell you that your little one having their sleep interrupted can be incredibly disruptive to the entire household. Also, you want them to be as comfortable as possible while they sail off to the land of nod. This makes a soundproof nursery super important. So, we decided to comprise a short list of things you can do to help you do just that. And it just so happens that shutters managed to make the list…


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1. Soundproof Your Door

Most bedrooms have hollow-core doors, and these let in a lot of noise. By opting for a denser solid-core door, you’ll prevent more noise from seeping into the room.

If you’d rather not fork out on a brand-new door – or simply don’t have the time – adding door strips around the edge is another great option. These will stop any sound leading through the gaps around the door.


2. Fill The Space

An empty room is a noisy room. So, if you want to achieve a soundproof nursery, filling up the space will make a huge difference. Things like bookshelves, couches, and picture frames are all effective in muffling sound, helping your little one to dose off much easier.

For optimum soundproofing, place as much furniture as possible up against the walls. Fabric wall hangings are another great option. Besides their practical benefits, they add extra colour and texture to your décor.


3. Lay Some Carpet

Sound echoes in an empty room, and the same goes for rooms with solid floors. By laying carpet in your child’s nursey – the higher tog the better – you will keep the noise levels down. It also comes in very handy for when your little one starts to crawl and walk.

If you’d rather not get rid of your lovely wooden floors, then opt for a rug or two instead. A tufted rug will be more effective than a flat-woven one.


4. Invest in Bedroom Shutters

You’ve covered the issue of internal noise pollution – now it’s time to think about external factors. Noises from street level – or even birdlife – can be incredibly disruptive to a baby or young child’s sleeping pattern.  Ensuring you have the correct window coverings is essential, and this is where noise reducing shutters come in.

Unlike curtains and blinds, bedroom shutters are fitted flush to your window. This means that excessive amounts of noise won’t seep through.

For optimal coverage, we recommend opting for our Full Height or Tier-on-tier shutters. Both look fantastic, and they cover the entirety of your window. For added sound proofing, our Solid shutters are the most effective noise reducing shutters on offer.

soundproof nursery

Our shutters also come in a range of styles, colours, and finishes, so you’ll be able to find a finish to suit your décor – you can even order free samples. Also, shutters are incredibly durable and lightweight too, making them safe for your little ones.

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