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A Guide to Plantation Shutters for Modern Homes

2:07PM 17 June 2021

When thinking of plantation shutters, there is often the temptation to see these as belonging exclusively to more traditional looking homes. Of course, our contemporary shutters are fantastic for historic homes, but did you know that they can serve as the perfect focal point for a more current vibe too? No? Well, keep reading to find out a few of the ways that modern interior window shutters can add to your home.

TCMM_49187_HRC.jpgTier on tier shutters

White: A Timeless Look

The great thing about white plantation shutters is their versatility. While they are great in a more rustic setting for providing a traditional aesthetic, white plantation shutters in modern homes are just as suitable. Going for white shutters lends the room a light and breezy air, perfect for that sleek and minimalist theme that is so common in contemporary homes. Furthermore, being neutral in colour means that they are ideal for blending into the background for that subdued look so often seen in modern homes (think Hygge)


Image credit: @interior_styling-18 

Monochromatic is Fantastic!

At The Shutter Store UK, we love our wood stained shutters, but they are best suited to certain decors. They tend to work best in a traditional or rustic themed room. If it is contemporary shutters that you are after, we think it best to stick to monochromatic colours. This will give the room a more stripped back and minimal pallet.

However, that isn’t to say that you must stick to white when choosing DIY modern shutters. Luckily, we have a wide selection of standard colours, ranging from the brightest whites to darkest greys.  If you are thinking about going for a bold statement, then why not go for the boldest colour of all? Modern black shutters can add a unique look to your home, and one that will certainly get your dinner guests talking.


Shoot-1-(32).jpgFull height shutters

Keep it Simple

Besides the colour, there are other ways you can create a sleeker and more modern look with your shutters. Larger slat sizes and hidden pushrods are both great ways to achieve this. The same goes for opting for less – and thus wider – panels when constructing your shutter designs. Combined, all of this will successfully create a minimalist impression, thus giving your shutters a more simplistic and less busy appearance. By following this rule of thumb, you’re sure to get the ideal modern interior window shutters to suit your home.



Cafe style shutters

Shutters are Future-proof

While there have been some innovations throughout the years where shutters are concerned – our brand-new hidden pushrods for example – the design of plantation shutters has remained relatively unchanged throughout the years. Why? Well, the way we see it if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Throughout the years, we have seen shutters fitted in all sorts of home, and they always look fabulous. This timeless look means that not only do they fit in with any aesthetic – whether it be historic, contemporary, or rustic – but they will be a key feature in your home for years to come. Even if you decide to give your home a complete makeover in a few years, your beautiful DIY modern shutters will always fit in with your décor.

If you would like to know more about plantation shutters in modern homes then why not send an email to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to answer your questions.