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How to Baby-Proof Your Nursery

2:00PM 11 July 2023

Even if your little one is still at their wriggling stage, or they’re already crawling, it’s important to get ahead of the game with your babyproofing. Before you know it, your little cherub will be running rings around you. To help make things a little easier, we’ve included a few quick tips and tricks to help you secure your tot’s nursery.

Anchor all Furniture

This is a crucial step in preventing tipping accidents, which can cause serious injury to your little ones. It may not seem like a risk when they’re still gurgling and barely crawling… but just wait. Soon, they’ll be getting as many steps in as we wish we were, with a few bumps along the way.

Use furniture anchors or straps to secure things like dressers, bookshelves, and changing tables to the walls. This will keep your furniture stable, reducing the risk of anything toppling over if a child pulls on it, or fancies themselves a little climber.

Securing the Crib

As the centrepiece of any nursery, its safety is vital. Below are a few quick and easy steps to ensure a secure sleeping environment for your child:

  • Lower the mattress’s height as your baby grows. This will stop them from climbing out.

  • Regularly check the crib for loose or broken parts and act accordingly if you see any damage.

  • Although they look cute, soft bedding and stuffed animals should be avoided as they pose suffocation risks.

  • Ensure the crib slats are spaced so that your baby’s head won’t get stuck between them.

  • Avoid placing the crib in areas of extreme heat, cold, or direct sunlight.

Sort the Electrics

Electrical safety is crucial for a babyproofed nursery, and it needn’t require an engineer or electrician:

  • Cover all plugs with outlet covers or safety plugs. This will prevent curious little fingers coming into contact with exposed sockets.

  • Secure electrical cords and wires to the walls or use concealers to keep them out of reach. This will also minimise tripping hazards and prevent pulling on appliances.

  • In fact, try to keep anything electrical well out of sight.

child friendly window treatments

Choose Child-Friendly Window Treatments

The problem with blinds and curtains is how they hang. Curtains can be easy to grab, while the tieback could be a strangulation hazard. The same goes for blinds, many of which have chords for opening and closing the slats.

Shutters for bedrooms are a great solution for childproofing your nursery. Why so?

Well, they look great (but you already knew that), they’re durable, lightweight, and they don’t protrude into the room. They’re also incredibly sturdy, being fitted very securely to your windows. Even if your little bundle of joy/energy/curiosity gets their hands on the shutters, they won’t damage the shutters or, more importantly, hurt themselves.

So, if you’d like to add some DIY window shutters to your nursery, check out our styles today.

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