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Brighten Your Room With White Window Shutters

1:49PM 15 July 2021

White shutters are by far the most popular choice with our customers. They add a clear and crisp look to any room, regardless of your décor, and they are easy to pair with the existing colour of your room. After all, white goes with anything. But that’s not all. Keep reading to find out just how white window shutters can brighten any home.

Cafe style white window shutters

White Shutters Make Any Room Look, and Feel, Airier

Is your room feeling a little bit drab? Maybe you need to add light to your room and give it a little extra vigour. Well, white window shutters are just the way to go. As a colour, white can bring extra light into any room, creating a more breezy and open atmosphere. Besides their aesthetic qualities, they can also help to insulate a room from the sun’s ray, ensuring that you’re not stifled by the warmer summer months.



TCMM_49187_HRC.jpgTier on tier white shutters

White shutters work with any style, traditional or contemporary

If your home is of a more rustic construction, white plantation shutters will not disappoint. Adding a touch of class and luxury to proceedings, they will fit in perfectly with a traditional décor. Living in a modern home? No problem. White shutters offer a crisp and minimalist vibe to any contemporary area, and can even serve to contrast a rooms pallet, adding more of an edge. And remember, we offer several shades of white - from the brightest white to more muted creams – so you can choose the shade that’s best for you.



Solid raised white plantation shutters

White window shutters are timeless

There are multiple sources on the subject, but the consensus is that for those who wish to stay on top of the latest trends, it’s prudent to redecorate every five years. Do you really want to install a new set of shutters so often? No, us neither. Well, if you’ve gone for white shutters, you’re in luck; they never go out of fashion. White goes with literally any colour, meaning that if you wish to change the colour scheme in your room – or completely redecorate - you won’t have to worry about matching to your shutters. Indeed, white plantation shutters have been in use for hundreds of years. You can’t get much more timeless than that.



Full height white window shutters


White shutters match all windows

When carrying out any interior design project, choosing the correct colours can be a bit of a headache. Luckily, whether it be the reveals, mullions, rails, or sills, most parts of a window are normally white. So, when you go for white plantation shutters, you will be matching with many of the room’s features, leaving you with one less decision to make.

As one of the main focal points of any rooms, adding white shutters will only enhance a space, bringing light, style, and grace.

If you’re still unsure or have more questions for us, our friendly team are always on hand. Send an email into hello@theshutterstore.co.uk or try our handy Live Chat today.