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What are Victorian Shutters?

12:00PM 12 January 2022

The history of shutters stretches back years, centuries even. From ancient Greece and Rome to colonial America and early modern England, there are numerous examples of shutters throughout history.

This is evidenced in the fact that there is even a style of shutters named after a period of history: Victorian Shutters. But did you know that you can get shutters to this day that have been designed to imitate this style? Well, keep reading to learn more about how you can achieve your very own 19th century look.

What Do Traditional Victorian Shutters Look Like?

Victorian window shutters are comprised of full panels; that means no movable slats.  While our solid double raised do differ from traditional Victorian shutters slightly, they have been designed to replicate the design and functionality. You can also get them with mid rails at a position of your choosing. This gives them extra definition and is great for lining up with the existing rails in your windows.

Victorian shutters, Victorian window shutters, traditional Victorian shutters

Do They Have Any Added Benefits?

Victorian window shutters are great in a few ways. Firstly, they keep out even more light than slatted shutters – almost to complete blackout. Secondly, they work brilliantly to help reduce the sound pollution coming into your home. This makes them ideal if you live off a main road. Thirdly, they are even better at insulating than regular slatted shutters. Lastly, the look amazing! But you already knew that…

Victorian shutters, Victorian window shutters, traditional Victorian shutters

What Colours and Materials Do They Come In?

Our Victorian shutters come in our high-quality natural hardwood material. You can choose from 13 paints and 11 wood stains (these come highly recommended if you are getting shutters in an older home with traditional décor). We also offer 4 limewash finishes for added texture and rustic charm. If you’re unsure about which colour to go for, don’t worry. We can send you some colour samples totally free of charge.


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Where Can I Get Traditional Victorian Shutters?

The Shutter Store is your one stop shop for all things interior shutters. So, whether you’re looking for Victorian, plantation, or even waterproof shutters, we’re here to help. And do remember that you can get a free quote on our website at any time.

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Want to learn more about what shutters can do for your windows? Send an email to our friendly team today with questions or pictures of your windows: hello@theshutterstore.co.uk.