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6 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

12:00PM 24 August 2023

Ah, the joys of decluttering. Ok, maybe not everybody will instantly agree with the word “joys” in that statement, but there is happiness to be had in conquering the clutter. By creating a space that’s less littered with useless nick-nacks, curios, and, frankly, junk, your home will be all the better for it. Sounds good right? If this sounds like a taller order, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for 6 tips to declutter your home in no time.

I Came, I Saw, I Decluttered

There’s no need to be a superhero and do everything at once – decluttering is more of a divide and conquer enterprise. Start with one room, lock eyes with that pile of “stuff” that’s been encroaching on your comfort and get to work. Tackle the challenge zone by zone and make the project more manageable from the get-go.

tips to declutter your home

Useful or Useless?

Now’s the time to be honest with yourself – and your belongings. Hold an internal inquisition with your belongings: “When’s the last time you were used?” “Do I still have use for you?” “Are you just taking up precious space?” If any item is sitting and gathering dust, show it the door, or the box. Wherever it’s going, it must go. Remember, your space is only for things that contribute to your comfort. Anything else is surplus to requirements.

Best Before?

Just like the cheese at the back of the fridge, items can have an expiration date too. It’s time to say auf weidersehn to the old, wave goodbye to the worn, and say “sling your hook” to the surplus to requirements. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping some items for sentimental reasons, but let’s not turn the home into a museum.

Ready. Set. Go!

If you’re short on time or are feeling a little overwhelmed with the scale of the job in front of you, try a blitz tidy. Set a timer for 15 minutes and just have at one small area. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in such a short time. Plus, you’ll get a little workout in too.

One In, One Out

This is one of our favourite tips to declutter your home – and it’s as simple as it is effective. For every new item that enters your home– specifically decorative ones – an old one should exit. With such a balanced approach, you’ll stay on top of your newly decluttered space. Soon enough, it’ll become second nature.

Shutters, or “Declutters”?

Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Wait they’ve just told me to get rid of stuff, not add more.” Well, yes, but hear us out. Shutters are an excellent way to declutter your space. Take, for example, a set of French window shutters. Unlike French window curtains or blinds that protrude into the room, shutters are fitted flush to your window, taking up next to no space. And, well, look at how pretty they are!

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