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Dining Room Window Coverings

12:00PM 14 April 2023

Choosing the right window dressings for a dining room is a big decision. Ok, we’ll admit that it’s not as important as, say, choosing your child’s name or whether to ask for that promotion you clearly deserve, but it’s important, nonetheless. The perfect window treatment will not only enhance the look and feel of your space, but it can also provide you with privacy, light control, and even energy efficiency. So, to make the choice a little easier for you, we’ve decided to write a quick and easy blog on why shutters are our number one choice. But before that, lets discuss your other options...

Dining Room Blinds

Blinds may be a good option for a dining room if you’re after something that’s cheap and doesn’t take up much space. However, blinds offer very little in terms of light control and insulation. And while they’re available in different styles, they simply aren’t as versatile as dining room shutters. Furthermore, blinds are often made with affordability in mind, and not longevity. If you’re after a window dressing that will last years to come, we recommend plantation shutters. But more on that shortly.


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Dining Room Curtains

One of the great things about curtains is the huge variety of styles, materials, and patterns they come in. This variety means you can find a set of curtains to suit most décors. However, there are a few negatives to consider before hitting the “buy now” button. Because they’re usually made from fabric, curtains are notorious dust collectors, means they require more maintenance that other window dressings. Curtains also take up a lot more space that dining room shutters or blinds, and they can be quite cumbersome to operate, especially if they’re made from heavy materials. And if you have a strict budget, it may be hard to stick to this, because curtains can get particularly pricey.


Dining Room Shutters

OK, we get it. We’re The Shutter Store, so of course we’re going to wax lyrical about the many benefits of shutters. Well, you’re not wrong, because we will, but for good reason, because there are a tonne of reasons that you should go for dining room shutters:

  • Privacy. Shutters offer lots of privacy, and their movable slats mean you can control visibility easily.

  • Light Control. Let the perfect amount of light into your dining room by adjusting your slats accordingly.

  • Insulation. Shutters are fitted flush to your windows, making them great for insulation, keeping your warm in winter and cool in summer.


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  • Easy Maintenance. A quick once over with a slightly damp and then dry cloth every month or so is enough.

  • Versatile. You’ve got a wide range of styles to choose from for your dining room shutters.

  • Longevity. Given the right care and attention, shutters will last for years, decades even.

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