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About The Shutter Store UK

Read more about The Shutter Store UK and our mission to provide high quality custom DIY window shutters at low prices for UK homeowners. 

We’re The Shutter Store UK. We were born in the USA and, from our HQ in Las Vegas, we sell thousands and thousands of shutter blinds every year to homes across America 24/7.  Thanks to our success, we opened up in Brighton in 2014 and now offer top quality plantation shutters at considerably less than other ‘full service’ shutter companies charge. The Shutter Store is a part of the Mzuri Group.

The shutters you’ve been quoted from your local shutter company are just like the shutters we sell online. Our UK leading shutters are sold on our website at up to 50% off the cost many other UK measure and install companies quote because you measure and fit them yourself. It’s the secret professional shutter installation services don’t want you to know – you *can* measure and install your very own high-quality plantation shutters and save up to 40% off the cost as a result

DIY Window shutters

We started out selling our shutters only in the DIY market, which has been a huge success. Thousands of UK customers have proven that you don't need to be a master carpenter to measure and fit wooden window shutters. 

Our customer service

Our business rests on two very strong foundations: 1) Great quality at an affordable price and 2) Providing excellent customer service.

We employ a team of product and service experts who are always on hand to offer friendly support, whether you need help with measuring, ordering online or just have a question about your delivery. 


Is it really that easy to buy shutters online?

Fear not! Genuinely, it’s not difficult. We’d be out of business if customers didn’t consistently tell us how simple the process is.

Perhaps you’ve been told you need an expert to help? That’s correct, you do. That’s us. We’ll help you every step of the way. Email us photos and we’ll reply back to show you where to measure. We’ll give you design ideas. We’ll help you order if ordering online daunts you.

Most importantly, we deliver your shutters ready to install. No painting, no drilling, no hinging. As we say to our US customers, if you can put up a shelf*, you can install our shutters. (*personally, I find the shelf installation more complicated). 

So – that’s us. We’re passionate and committed about business and want you to love what we do.

If you’ve any questions, please contact us now and we'll be happy to help.