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How Kimberly & Wayne measured and installed their window shutters

Before Kimberly & Wayne ordered shutters for their Edwardian bay window, they were understandably apprehensive about the measuring and installation of their shutters.

Kimberly said, ‘I have to admit, I was half excited and also half terrified – what exactly does it mean to get DIY shutters?’

Pic credit: Swoon Worthy

Measuring for shutters can be scary, but with The Shutter Store’s straightforward measuring guides and videos, plus an expert team to call on for advice, you’re never stuck. Kimberly & Wayne quickly realised the DIY approach is simple with little that can go wrong.

“We sent in pictures of our windows to get the best advice on what we should be choosing. The Shutter Store are really keen to make sure you are ordering with confidence and so will guide you every step of the way!”

Pic credit: Swoon Worthy

After obtaining advice from our team on the best shutter style to suit their windows, Kimberly & Wayne began measuring for their box bay windows by printing off our box bay window measuring guide which clearly walked them through the steps, taking into account the depth of their window frame and the projection of any handles.

Pic credit: Swoon Worthy

Once they were happy with their measurements, they visited our website and specified the style of shutter they wanted to order (tier-on-tier shutters) then entered their measurements into our online shop.

Placing their order was easy. They were able to specify details like their chosen shutter colour (Pure White), slat size (76mm), hinge colour (Brass), the number of panels in each frame, and the positioning of the tilt rod (hidden). Simple.

“As we have a Box Bay Window, we were essentially ordering 4 different frames – the two side windows contained a single frame with top & bottom shutters and the middle windows are made up of two frames which contained 4 shutters each.” Kimberly explains.

Within 24 hours of Kimberly & Wayne placing their order, our team called to confirm and finalise measurements and details before it was sent to manufacturing. Any last minute changes like the direction or quantity of panels, or any changes in colour, were easily switched before their order was sent for manufacturing.

Pic credit: Swoon Worthy

As soon as their bespoke made-to-measure shutters were built, Kimberly & Wayne’s order arrived flat packed and ready to assemble in their home. All boxes in their delivery were clearly labelled with the name of the room they were fitting shutters to, so if you’re about to place an order for more than one room, you can rest assured you won’t get parcels in a muddle and fit the wrong shutters to the wrong room.

“The installation went so much quicker and easier than I could have imagined” Kimberly says. “Anyone who can operate a tape measure and a drill would have absolutely no problem with ordering and installing DIY shutters.”


Pic credit: Swoon Worthy

Kimberly & Wayne assembled the shutter frames first, positioned them onto their window ensuring they were level, then drilled them into their window frames before hanging the panels onto each frame. For wonky window frames that are hard to make level like Kimberly and Wayne’s Edwardian windows, adjustment is easy. Our frames and hinges come pre-drilled with 5mm adjustable screw holes on the hinge plates that you can move up and down for the perfect fit.

Pic credit: Swoon Worthy

Once Kimberly & Wayne’s shutters were fitted, they simply fixed strips over the screw heads to finish the look, stood back and admired their stunning new shutters.

Kimberly says “After installing our shutters in the living room and falling in love with the look, we realised how wonderful our double fronted Victorian house would look with matching shutters in the dining room too. We felt like old pros by this point and so the second time measuring and ordering were a breeze. We simply measured the windows per the instructions and choose the same wonderful features we loved from our first set including brass hinges and hidden controls. I can't wait for our order to arrive and for another one of our rooms to be enhanced by gorgeous shutters at a great price."

Ready to make huge savings and install shutters yourself? Get started by downloading our easy measuring guides.

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