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Fiona & Neil’s Basement Flat Angled Bay Window Shutters


When Fiona and Neil moved into their Victorian basement flat in Brighton, they were confident that shutters were the right option for their large, angled, bay window in the living room.

“I found our large bay window so difficult to dress” says Fiona, “and as a long-time shutter lover, I knew it was the only option for us because we really needed a window dressing that optimised light, being in a dark basement flat, whilst giving us privacy from passers by on the street directly outside our living room - and that’s something curtains or blinds just couldn’t really provide for us.”


Neil and Fiona began to research which shutters to order.

“I initially got lots of quotes to measure, supply and fit, which broke our budget every time. What I loved about The Shutter Store was how we could measure up, order online, and install them ourselves, saving us money on installation fees.”

Key to Neil and Fiona’s shutter decision was also to add kerb appeal to their property and to increase the flat’s desirability when they eventually come to sell their starter home.

“We opted for classic white shutters for the bay window to make the room feel more open, light, and spacious and chose tier-on-tier shutters so that we could open up the top set whenever we wanted more light to flood through, keeping the bottom set closed to stop passersby from being able to see in.”


White shutters added a classic look to Fiona and Neil’s basement flat, making the most of their beautiful large bay at the front of their home.

On the street level, their shutters add separation from other dwellings in the building and give a well-maintained appearance for potential buyers.


“We live right beside a station and our road has become a bit of a “through-road” with the sound of commuter suitcases up and down the street at all hours. Since installing shutters we’ve noticed the sound insulation they provide.


“I was also glad when my measurements came out spot-on when we came to install them. The measuring guides The Shutter Store offer were thankfully really easy for me to follow.

The quality of the shutters is next to none, we are so thrilled with them. I only wish I had more windows to fit shutters on now!”

Want to get the look? Opt for white tier-on-tier shutters, with 64mm slats, a central push rod and antique hinges.

Take a look at our full range of shutters and dream up how they might look in your home!