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Emily’s Nottinghamshire Tier-OnTier Cottage Shutters

Emily Attewell’s window shutters complete the cosy look of her cottage living room and bedroom

Pic: From Emily’s Popular Instagram account @easthorpe_cottage

When Emily Attewell moved in to her cottage in Ruddington, built in 1836, she was determined to make a feature of her bedroom and living room cottage windows.

I’m amazingly happy with our shutters" says Emily,  "they block the light out in the bedroom at night and give us the privacy during the day that we need while still letting light into the rooms. We fitted new cottage style double glazed windows with the full surround on the inside of the recess so that we could have shutters fitted to the wall surrounding each window. We have had so many lovely comments about them from friends and family and from my Instagram followers too."


Emily says light was an important consideration for a window dressing.

“We knew we wanted to let as much light in as possible but still wanted to be private so that's why we opted for a tier on tier shutter, plus we wanted to be able to see the ironmongery on our windows too.”


After looking at different options for shutters online, Emily was impressed with The Shutter Store’s ranges, offering more affordable options without the typical installation fees. She and her husband measured up and placed an order.

The Shutter Store offered us the best value for money. My husband fitted the shutters and it was very straight forward. We got a call back from The Shutter Store after measuring up advising us to go 2mm less on the measurements and we are so glad we did.”


We love Emily’s cottage look. The classic white shutter window dressing brings a cosy and traditional feel to her rooms, in keeping with the character and charm of the property.


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