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Can Shutters be blackout?

11:03AM 10 September 2020

Many people struggle with sleep, especially shift workers, children, night owls, and anyone who enjoys a good afternoon nap! For those people, we would recommend having blackout window treatments installed to create the best possible environment for a peaceful nights sleep.



Do shutters block out light?

On their own, plantation shutters greatly reduce the light entering your rooms, but they can't achieve a complete blackout effect. This significant light reduction is all most people need to create the perfect conditions for a peaceful night's sleep.


What are Blackout Blinds and Blackout Curtains?

Are you looking for better window privacy that doesn't block out the light? Blackout blinds and curtains are your answer!

Blackout curtains are essentially just a curtain that is made with multiple layers of material, to prevent light from leaking through. Blackout blinds are also thick and dark enough to stop any light from entering the room. They’re most-commonly used in bedrooms, but blackout blinds are also found in living rooms, home theatre rooms, and any room where somebody might want to achieve total darkness.

The disadvantages of Blackout Curtains and Blinds

The main issue with blackout blinds and curtains on their own is that they’re kind of dull looking. They emphasise function over style, and their one function is to achieve darkness. 

With blackout curtains or blinds that are installed without shutters, it’s all or nothing. You either have them opened up, letting in all of the natural light, or you have them closed and blocking out the light, with no control in-between.



Can you pair blackout Blinds and Shutters?

The perfect solution to the problems with blackout blinds and curtains is to pair them with a set of blackout plantation shutters. This way, you can have the shutters wide open when you want a lot of light in your room,  and you can have the blackout curtains closed when you want total darkness.  You can open the curtains or blinds and adjust the shutters when you’d like anything in-between. A big benefit to this paring  is that you get the classic and appealing aesthetics of the shutters to counteract the boring and plain blackout fixtures. 

When it comes to choosing shutters to pair with blackout blinds or curtains, we recommend opting for a light colour to keep your rooms looking bright and airy, compensating for the light that is being kept out of the rooms.



What are the best shutters to block out light?

The best option for blackout window shutters is solid shutters

Full Solid Shutters are based on traditional Victorian window coverings and are designed to cover your entire window. They achieve near-blackout light reduction, with the additional bonus of a sophisticated sense of style. Made out of solid hardwood, they not only block out a lot of the light but they also insulate your room and block out external noise too! 

The advantages of total blackout shutters

  • Provides a great environment for getting a good night's sleep
  • The high quality wooden materials also provide thermal insulation and noise reduction benefits
  • A large variety of timelessly stylish colours and designs
  • Can be paired with curtains or blinds for maximum blackout effects
  • Can be left half open when you require some light to be let into the rooms

Installing total blackout plantation shutters

It’s easy to install blackout blinds and shutters on the same window. The blackout blinds can be installed inside of the window frame, where they’re affixed to the top of the frame and then your shutters can be installed around this.

Let our window shutter experts know if your considering pairing blackout blinds or blackout curtains with shutters, and they can advise you of a frame to choose to allow for the space of your blackout treatment.


If you are ready to learn more about how to order the best shutters to use for blackout blinds with shutters, don’t hesitate to email us. It’s never been easier to order custom-fit shutters online, and they’ll work perfectly with your blackout treatment.