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So, why fit shutters to your home?

3:30PM 25 September 2019

There are many good reasons to feel enthused about fitting shutters to your home. But what it essentially boils down to is savings, empowerment, style and practicality! Sound good? Let’s look further into these compelling incentives to install your own affordable shutters

Easy on the wallet 

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It’s a misconception that shutters are overly expensive. Whilst certainly not cheap (and therefore never nasty), by choosing to take the self-install route you are making a considerable saving on measuring and installation fees. In fact, by taking matters into your own hands, you can save as much as 40%!

For example, the cost of bay window shutters depends on the size of your bay window and the material that you go for. An average-sized box bay window that measures approx. 2 sqm will cost from £359 when you buy self-install shutters.

To determine the cost of shutters for your bay window, multiply the overall width by the height to get your square metre dimensions, then multiply this by the cost of the shutter range you would like. This should give you a precise estimate.

Bay window shutter cost examples:

2m2 = From £359
3m2 = From £538
4m2 = From £718

If you decide to choose Café-style shutters, which only cover half the window, then you’ll be making even more of a saving!

Easy to measure and install


Our customers are often surprised by how easy it is to install shutters. When you choose to DIY, you’ll be amazed by how simple the process is, and if you find yourself stuck for some reason you can always contact one of our experts, who’ll be able to guide you through the process. We also have handy step-by-step videos and PDF guides to help you out.

Whether you’re an active DIYer or not, you’ll get a real sense of satisfaction and empowerment after you’ve self-installed. And every time you look at your lovely shutters you’ll be filled with a genuine sense of pride.

Easy on the eye


Our affordable shutters come in 4 beautiful styles, each one offering its own classic appeal.

Full height shutters cover your entire window, providing elegance and privacy. They’re ideal for most rooms and can be used to cover doors as well as windows.

Café style shutters cover the lower area of your window, leaving the top clear for optimum light. They’re a great choice for rooms which need privacy rather than light reduction.

Tier on tier shutters cover the whole window and have top and bottom panels that open independently, giving you full and flexible control over light and seclusion.

Full solid shutters have no slats and are perfect for period properties, providing great light reduction when closed. They’re available in full, half (combined with slats) and tier on tier styles. 

Easy to see the benefits


The further benefits of installing affordable shutters are numerous.

  • They’re known to add long-term value to homes, boosting kerb appeal and attracting potential buyers.

  • Shutters are excellent for light control, offering perfect privacy in the process

  • They’re durable and long lasting.

  • Shutters offer soundproofing. As they’re made to measure your window frame, they offer another soundproof layer to your home.

  • They’re proven to help insulate homes. If your windows are draughty, shutters help reduce heat loss.

  • Shutters are the easiest of window dressings to keep clean. Simply use a cloth or feather duster, meaning no unnecessary fuss with blinds, curtains or dry cleaners.  

Ready to install? Then start measuring and put your dimensions into our quick quote converter!
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