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Can You Have Shutter Blinds in a Conservatory?

3:30PM 04 October 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory and you’re at the decorating stage, you’ll know that they are a mixed blessing. The large windows mean you have lots of light exposure. It’s the perfect indoor space to bask in natural light without exposure to the elements. However, conservatory windows can be very difficult to dress. Especially if you’re opting for curtains or blinds. Shutters on the other hand…

Can you have shutters in a conservatory?

Conservatories are notorious in the window dressing world. Their angled roofs can make it incredibly difficult to fit any kind of dressing at all. Luckily, shutters for conservatory windows can fit practically anywhere. So, whether your windows are arched, triangular, angled, or otherwise, there’s a shutter for that.

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Will plantation shutters help to keep the conservatory cool?

By opting for conservatory shutters, you’ll be choosing a window dressing that regulates temperature like no other. Shutters are incredibly effective at keeping out the sun’s warming rays in the summer and – unlike curtains and blinds – leaving them shut won’t have you sweltering. Plus, because they are fitted flush to your windows, drafts are always kept at bay. This ensures your conservatory is well insulated in the winter, helping you keep energy bills in check.

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Can conservatory windows still be opened with shutters?

This is one we get asked quite often. The short answer is: “Yes,” but allow us to elaborate a little. Dressing conservatory windows isn’t always straightforward. They are usually very tall, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

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When measuring up for your shutters – using our handy guides – it’s important to take into account the design of your windows and how they open. You should make sure that the position of the shutters doesn’t impede functionality. This requires a bit of pre-planning, but fear not, because we are here to assist. Our experts are always on hand should you have any questions, and they’re happy to work with you to find the best design and configuration for your conservatory windows.

What are the best shutters for conservatory windows?

One of the best things about shutters is their versatility, so you won’t be stuck for plantation shutter ideas. As they have several design options, they can fit on virtually any type of window – even Velux. However, there are some designs which are more well suited to conservatories than others.

Full height shutters, for example, will cover the entirety of your window, from top to bottom. This makes them ideal for if you would like maximum privacy and heat retention. If, however, you’d prefer something a little different, then café style shutters might be just what you’re looking for. They cover the bottom section of the windows, allowing you to maintain your privacy without having to sacrifice on light.

If you have more questions about conservatory shutters, then we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk today and one of our friendly team will get back to you.