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Are Interior Shutters Waterproof?

12:00PM 19 May 2022

Plantation shutters sit flush to the window. This means that they will often come into contact with moisture, especially if your windows are prone to condensation or damp. So, does this mean that shutters are waterproof? Well, no. Shutters tend to be made from either MDF or solid hardwood. As such, they can be vulnerable to water damage. Luckily, at The Shutter Store our waterproof polyvinyl shutters offer the perfect solution.

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What are Waterproof Polyvinyl Shutters?

Our waterproof interior shutters are made from ABS plastic - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a completely waterproof material. Not only does this make them 100% resistant to water damage, but it also stops them from warping too. They will even maintain their integrity if they are coming into direct contact with water on a daily basis. This makes them the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other room in your home which is prone to excessive moisture.


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What Styles Are Waterproof Interior Shutters Available In?

Our waterproof shutters are available in either Full Height or Café Style. The former covers the entirety of your window, while the latter covers only part of your window. This allows for a mix of light management and privacy. Our PVC shutters are also available in four slat sizes (64, 76, 89, and 114mm) as well as each of our pushrod options. You will have three colours to choose from: Vivid White, Traffic White, and Cream. All our PVC shutters come with a waterproof stainless-steel hinge.


Are There Other Waterproof Shutter Options?

While not wholly waterproof, we do offer an alternative which is a little cheaper than our Waterproof Polyvinyl option. Our Essential Hybrawood Shutters are a hybrid (hence the name), as they are comprised of a hardwood frame enclosing waterproof PVC slats. These will not have the same level of water-resistance as our 100% waterproof shutters, but they will withstand moisture better than solid hardwood shutters.

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Are Waterproof Shutters Difficult to Install?

Regardless of material, all our shutters are measured and installed in the same way. We provide easy-to-follow measure and install guides, taking the complication out of installation. And all you need for fitting is a hammer, screwdriver, drill, and spirit level. Simple!

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